Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Breaking News Long corona sentences for scaffolding workers and butchers

Long corona sentences for scaffolding workers and butchers

LThe courtroom was large in the courtroom in Copenhagen City Court when a 39-year-old scaffolding worker and father of two girls was released by a judge on Thursday. It happened after several months in custody for throwing a cannon shot in a Men In Black demonstration, which on 9 January went over thread on Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen.

The man’s co-workers rose wide-eyed and promised the 39-year-old that they would pick him up at the jail later.

Earlier, the man had received a sentence of one year and three months in prison for throwing cannon shots at one of the police group cars with several officers inside and for using his presence and behavior to have encouraged others to similar disturbance and assault. In addition, there was a month’s imprisonment for a traffic offense.

But even though the prosecution demanded the man remain in custody with reference to law enforcement, while a possible appeal of the verdict is being considered, the judge, Pernille Kjærulff, chose in a resolute decision to release the 39-year-old with the words:

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