Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Marcelo puts cold water in the Socrates case, but not in the “via Sacra” of vaccines. And warns the country: “April is decisive”

“I don’t comment on specific cases.” The President of the Republic started here, in response to journalists to the inevitable questions about Judge Ivo Rosa’s decision on Operation Marquis – scheduled for Friday. But, not commenting, he did comment and cut the way for any type of decision: “Whenever there are advances in a judicial process, namely in mega-cases, which attract the attention of public opinion, this is seen by the Portuguese as justice to work and to work faster”said the President.

For Marcelo, therefore, the answer to the decision is traced, whether it be to follow everything for trial or nothing, even in relation to the former prime minister, José Sócrates. And for that Marcelo resorted to the comments that he will have made in other famous cases. And he quoted himself: “When the proceedings went to trial, or for instruction (and after years of expectation or even a judgment of doubt as to the time needed for the proceedings to proceed), that means that justice is doing what it can Anything that means justice shows the effort you are making, everything that means justice at work, is good “.

Even so, being good, for the President it is not enough, it is also necessary speed of justice in the other unknown cases: “There are also many processes that are megaprocesses for each person. This move is fundamental, because justice is fundamental in a democratic system “.

Afterwards, Marcelo declined to comment “what the president of the Supreme said – and has said several times”, about the extinction of the Central Criminal Investigation Court. “The PR cannot and should not be commenting, justice is a strictly independent power.” Nor did he want to enter because of the criticisms and concerns of Joana Marques Vidal, the former PGR, about the difficulties in investigating corruption cases. There, the President said just this: “Several officers or former officers of justice always intervene with one concern: that justice will improve, in quality and speed. The commitment is only well”. And it was said.

The Sacred Way of Vaccines

At Tuesday’s extended press conference, after a visit and praise to the Family Health Unit in downtown Lisbon, Marcelo also commented on the new doubts about the AstraZeneca vaccine. And he left a note of enormous concern: “The issue of vaccine production has been a crucible – a set of problems that has been accumulating. Every 15 days, one more is discovered: supply, analysis or reanalysis of the production process. They lead us to be concerned, because there is a need to vaccinate and the supply has been affected across Europe “.

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Now and then, recalled Marcelo, the European Medicines Agency says “of its justice about validity and effectiveness and then doubts arise and states react differently to those doubts”. The problem, for Marcelo, is this: “There is no united, clear, lasting position” of the various European governments. Worse when “this month is very important, as well as May. And vaccination is essential for the process of deflation”.

Thus, a presidential wish remained: “I hope that this re-evaluation process will be quick, that the decision of the AEM will be swift, that the relationship of the EU countries will be quick and clear. Because we are all interested in that.”

European leaders reached a silence agreement

With the EU presidency in Portuguese hands, the President also made a revelation about the divergences within the EU – about how the vaccination process should be – and about how it all ended up being decided: when the distribution of vaccines was decided , there were five countries against it, because they wanted more vaccines; and there was a group of three countries that preferred to take “a parallel path” – buying other vaccines that have not yet been endorsed by Europe.

It was and continues to be a lot of work, said Marcelo, to keep everyone together. And this was only achieved by “tacit deferral” in the European Council, that is, they decided to keep the plan designed by the European Commission “out of silence”, without anyone formally calling into question. What we know today is that there are countries taking an alternative route, but what Marcelo explained is that this allows others to keep the plan going.

For the Portuguese, a warning: now it is really decisive

Finally, there was a message about the ongoing deflation (with numbers starting to rise): “The Portuguese understand: April is a decisive month and it has to go well so that we can get through the end of spring and summer with people’s lives going into normality. That goes through people’s behavior”.

If António Costa “drew attention to a behavior”, that of wearing a mask on the terraces, Marcelo extended the warning: “It must be in all behaviors. The Portuguese know that there is a slide in vaccination, that massive testing is starting, but that there is a part that goes through people, due to the type of interaction they have. ” And the risks were marked: “We want the lack of confusion to be smooth, this is what we are going to test in April, looking at the data day after day, whether it means anything in hospitalizations and intensive care, whether or not there is an evolution in the number of deaths. Looking at some areas and counties, we wish that we can reach the end of April and be well “.

Next week, recalled the President, “there will be a new assessment. What I would most like to see is the last renewal of the state of emergency, coinciding with the end of April.” If the wish will become a reality, at the end of April it will be seen.



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