Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Breaking News Media: Ex-employees at Radikale report on sick culture

Media: Ex-employees at Radikale report on sick culture

In an anonymous letter, ex-employees criticize the R-management for sick work culture. Management does not recognize the image.

In an anonymous letter from “about ten former party employees” at the Radicals, the party’s leadership is criticized for a sick work culture, writes Ekstra Bladet, which is in possession of the letter.

According to Ekstra Bladet, the letter describes examples of how management has tried to play employees off against each other, given nicknames to employees and threats to be replaced if the employees contacted a trade union.

The newspaper has shown the examples of Radical’s head of secretariat Lars Beer Nielsen and the leader of the party’s parliamentary group, Sofie Carsten Nielsen. Both reject the image being drawn.

Some of the examples have not been answered by Lars Beer Nielsen. For others, he has the answer:

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– It’s new to us, and not at all something we can recognize. Nor is it something we have previously been presented with from the employee side at meetings of the Cooperation Committee, in workplace assessments or from the political or organizational management.

According to Ekstra Bladet, the anonymous letter is not fresh, but has been circulating in the party and has been known by the management for “a while”.

It was not initially sent to Lars Beer Nielsen or outgoing national chairman Svend Thorhauge. According to Ekstra Bladet, this is because the authors had lost faith that it would be of any use.

Sofie Carsten Nielsen tells the newspaper that the party takes the letter “very seriously”, but that she does not recognize the picture.

– We are committed to the fact that our current employees clearly reject a general dissatisfaction. And we take care that our APVs (Workplace Assessment, ed.) Are basically good.

The letter is not the first time the working environment at the Radicals has been in focus.

In 2020, the party’s leader at Christiansborg, Morten Østergaard, resigned due to cases of unwanted sexual attention shown by him against others in the party.

This led the party to ask Kvinfo to carry out a larger investigation into the problem of sexual abuse in the party.

Among other things, it found that 10-15 of the people who were exposed to “an incident” did not go to the party’s leadership because it was someone from the party’s leadership itself who was behind the “incident”.

On Thursday, Ekstra Bladet can also report based on anonymous sources that the main board of the Radicals has since aired their frustration that Kvinfo, in their opinion, was too open to the press about the results of the investigation.

After the investigation, Sofie Carsten Nielsen told the media Zetland that Morten Østergaard and Lars Beer Nielsen were responsible for reprimanding each other in cases of inappropriate behavior towards others in the party.

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