Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Meduza: Several members of the Moscow POC are linked by the security business

Several members of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission (POC), as Meduza found out, are familiar with the security business. The data of the investigation of the publication are cited by “Mediazona”. The journalists also managed to find out that two of the POC members before joining the commission worked in the organization of its chairman Georgy Volkov.

The media clarifies that in December 2015, the chairman of the Moscow POC, Georgy Volkov, allegedly registered in his apartment in the Mitino district the organization “Fund for the Support of Information Technologies and the Implementation of Technologies, Programs for Moral, Ethical, Sports and Patriotic Development of the Population“ Good Technologies ”. The goals of the organization on its website are the promotion of sports and a healthy lifestyle, as well as “prevention and treatment of gambling and computer addiction.

At the same time, the publication continues, “at least three active members of the capital’s POC are associated with this fund, and several more with the Mitino district, in which Volkov grew up.”

The commission includes former vice-president of Good Technologies Damir Yenayev and ex-employee of the company Bogdan Ebert. Another former employee of the fund, Yevgeny Boronin, is a member of the Moscow Region POC. As “Mediazona” clarifies, Boronin’s brother Vadim is also a member of the Moscow POC.

The investigation materials indicate that Ebert in 2017 participated in the elections of municipal deputies of the Mitino district. Another deputy of Volkov, 29-year-old Nikolai Zuev, took part in the same elections. The latter, according to the media, initiated the exclusion of Marina Litvinovich from the POC. Zuev wrote in his questionnaire at the elections of municipal deputies of the Mitinsky district in 2017 that he was nominated there by the organization of aid to disabled people “Shield”.

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The same organization is represented by another deputy chairman of the Moscow POC, Kirill Manoshin. Together with Volkov, he is a member of the Public Council under the Internal Affairs Directorate for the North-Western Administrative District of Moscow and oversees the police department for the Mitino district.

“Despite the obvious connections, Volkov assures that he met most of these people already in the POC,” the journalists write.

The materials say that all the leaders of the Moscow POC – Volkov, Zuev, Ebert, Manoshin and Alexey Melnikov – were mentioned as members of the coordination council of the Non-State Security Sphere. This is an association of employees of private security companies and security services, says Mediazona. Its first chairman was the former director of the FSB Nikolai Kovalev, now it is headed by Dmitry Galochkin, a member of the Moscow POC.

“According to Meduza’s interlocutors, the presidential administration is engaged in the approval of candidates for the PMC, taking into account the opinion of the security officials from the FSIN and the FSB,” Mediazona writes.

Earlier, we recall, the Council of the Public Chamber expelled human rights activist Marina Litvinovich from the Moscow POC, motivating this by the fact that she had repeatedly disclosed these investigations. According to Litvinovich, she was expelled because of the story to the Dozhd TV channel about Lyubov Sobol’s confrontation with the victim in the case of the FSB officer Konstantin Kudryavtsev’s family penetration into the apartment.



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