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07.04.2021 13:09

Ministers during the first meeting of the Government on April 7, 2021.

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Members of the government will have a week to prepare and submit their proposals, which they want to include in the new Government Program Statement. This follows from the motion for a resolution approved by the government at today’s sitting. All ministers or deputy prime ministers must draw up and submit their proposals to Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽaNO) by Wednesday 14 April.

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Based on the proposals, the final draft of the Program Statement of the Government of the Slovak Republic will be subsequently prepared. According to the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, the government is obliged to appear before the National Council of the Slovak Republic, submit its program to it and ask it to express its confidence within 30 days of its appointment.

He doesn’t want to add new things

New tasks for the Ministry of Defense should not be added to the new government program statement (PVV), changes will be small. Minister of Defense Jaroslav Naď (OĽANO) stated this after Wednesday’s government meeting. “We will delete the things that we have implemented, and we will specify the ones that we want to make more precise, but we do not want to add other things, but it is still quite extensive, there are very many tasks,” Naď said. He added that ministers have a week to submit their proposals.

The first session of the government, chaired by the new Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽANO), was assessed by the old-new minister as “effective and to the point”. He would like it to continue to work that way.

VIDEO: Meeting of the new government – Matovič after Heger’s right hand as Minister of Finance.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Richard Sulík also admitted that he would like to comment on and update the government’s program statement on behalf of the SaS and the Ministry of Economy. “We agreed at the coalition council on Tuesday that any changes must go through a coalition council, so we are going to write down our comments,” he said.

There will be no significant changes in the PVV in the field of education, said Branislav Gröhling (SaS), Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sports. “I think that the PVV for education is written very well,” said the head of the education department. He added that they only plan to specify some things more precisely.

Remišová will propose several updates

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Investment and Informatisation Veronika Remišová (For the People) believes that the government will continue its constructive cooperation. “Every coalition partner has learned, I hope, also from the mistakes of this year. We know very well that any coalition crisis is slowing down coalition work. We now have extremely important tasks, “she responded to the question of whether there is a threat of a government crisis in the near future.

She added that cabinet members are due to close the PVV chapters on behalf of their ministries by April 14. Remišová will propose several updates and priorities for her ministry also with regard to the situation with COVID-19. She described, for example, the promotion of innovation as an important topic.

In connection with the planned changes in the area of ​​property declarations, she stated that a working group has been set up to prepare a change in legislation. According to her, they would like to solve, for example, a problem such as hiding real estate in a share in companies. She clarified that if a politician uses a company’s real estate, this should be stated in the declarations. He also considers it important to be able to monitor the increase, ie to see how much property a particular person has acquired during his time in politics.

The President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová, appointed a new cabinet under the leadership of Heger after the reconstruction of the government on 1 April. The proposals of individual members of the government for the program statement are to be based on the program of the government appointed on March 21, 2020. From them, the final draft of the PVV will be finalized.

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