Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Technology MicroSalt project creates a new form of salt to reduce its consumption

MicroSalt project creates a new form of salt to reduce its consumption

We do not understand how much salt we consume until we start reading the composition of the products. MicroSalt has re-formulated the salt to require less salt. Now the project has launched a crowdfunding campaign and plans to expand its presence in the market.

MicroSalt project creates a new form of salt to reduce its consumption

Elena Likhanova

This is how the company describes its product.

  • The carrier particle is coated with 0.2-0.6 micron salt nanocrystals.
  • A carrier (usually maltodextrin) is a molecule to which small salt crystals are attached. The bond with the carrier is provided by electrostatic forces.
  • MicroSalt® dissolves almost instantly when consumed due to its small crystal size, which provides an authentic salty taste.
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MicroSalt claims its product can add as much flavor as table salt, although it contains 50% less sodium. The company has launched its own line of potato chips made using its own SaltMe! Technology. However, its main business is selling salt as an ingredient to other prepackaged food manufacturers.

The company says MicroSalt is superior to other low sodium products because it uses potassium chloride. But this is not the same as salt, and this substance has a different taste. MicroSalt uses table salt, just in a different form.

MicroSalt’s approach to reducing salt intake is similar to how DouxMatok reduces sugar intake. The company creates a “more efficient” sugar by binding it to silicon, making it more soluble on the tongue. So you can use 40% less sugar in cooking.

SaltMe chips can be purchased online for about $ 20 for a pack of six 5-ounce sachets. They are also represented in 71 stores in the Northeast US and Texas. While slightly more expensive than a pack of Lays, SaltMe’s price seems to be in line with other specialized chips on the market.

At the time of writing, MicroSalt has raised over $ 380K out of a target $ 750K via crowdfunding. MicroSalt plans to expand to Mexico and Latin America in 2021, and to Asia in 2023. The company says it is already developing a new version of the product that will contain 80% less salt.

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