Sunday, April 11, 2021
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‘Moment Marketing’ Wind in the Food Industry

In the food industry,’Moment Marketing’, which emphasizes the optimal timing of eating products, is emerging as a hot topic. Until now, attention has been high on food pairings that emphasize the combination of alcohol and food such as wine and cheese, beer and golbaengi, or foods with good nutritional compatibility such as parsley for samgyeopsal and asparagus for beef.

However, in recent years, there is a growing interest in the moment when you can eat delicious food rather than the way you eat it. Accordingly, various brands in the industry are capturing the attention of consumers by presenting moments where food can be enjoyed more deliciously and by emphasizing the characteristics of the product.

On the 18th, CJ CheilJedang Gourmet launched’Crusty sweet and sour pork’, and the sweet and sour pork is running a’freshly made freshly eaten’ campaign that says it is the most delicious.

The advertisement video for’The Age of Godsuk’, which was unveiled on the 22nd, attracts attention with the appearance of mise-en-scène and scene stealer actors like a movie. When eating sweet and sour pork, it is characterized by emphasizing the importance of eating when eating rather than the taste of’bumuk’ and’jumpmok’ through the new word’gatmeok’. To suggest that’Gourmet and crispy sweet and sour pork’ is the right answer when it comes to choosing sweet and sour pork. It visually maximizes the charm of’freshly made and eaten’ by reflecting the deep-fried sweet and sour pork boasting a crispy texture and soft pork loin.

Currently, CJ The Market’s official website is running a limited-quantity promotion that offers a free gift of Beksul-grilled dumplings at a 25% discount when purchasing the crispy sweet and sour pork, gourmet Chinese Jjambbong, and Gome Junghwa Jjajang. It is being conducted in conjunction with an event for making sweet and sour pork tastes.

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Belgian premium beer Stella Artois launches a Heartbeats brand campaign that presents a’precious moment of heartbeat’. I hope to spend every precious moment in my life with 2.5 billion heartbeats in my life with a loved one, and it contains the meaning of recommending that Stella Artois be with you at this time.

In collaboration with the artist Lenny Kravitz, an American legendary rock star who is active in various fields, he further emphasized the positive energy for life.

In October, Coca-Cola’s cider brand Sprite also launched a’Sprite & Meal’ campaign, suggesting a moment to enjoy the cider even more coolly. Along with the slogan of’delicious food next to delicious food’, the message was delivered to bring refreshment in daily life by adding sprites when enjoying delicious food.

Starting with the commercial video of Singer Swings and Mukbang YouTuber Short of Mouth, the online’delicious thing next to delicious thing’ hash tag authentication event was held, leading to a lot of consumer participation. The advertisement video has now exceeded 10 million views and has proven hot interest.

On the 27th, Kwangdong Pharmaceutical’s Corn Beard Tea unveiled a new campaign by selecting singer Seon-mi as a model. In line with the current trend of Zipcock becoming longer, sympathetic songs in daily life presented various moments and showed the timing of intake of drinks.

In these days when the amount of outside activity is reduced, such as chatting without moving, meeting at home, and exercising at home all day long and walking quickly, eating without a break, and lying outside, you can develop a healthy lifestyle through corn beard tea. Introduced the method.

Many people think of spicy food when they are under stress. Dongdaemun Yeopgi Tteokbokki, which boasts Korea’s representative spicy tteokbokki, also recommended you to join Yeopgi Tteokbokki at the moment of stress. In July, the TVC video and Yeop Tteok song were released, suggesting a solution to ‘Yeop-dok-hae’ at the moment when the word’what should I do’, which is under various stresses such as exams, employment, overtime, and housekeeping, comes out.

Currently, Dongdaemun Yeopgi Tteokbokki’s official social channel is actively communicating with consumers by uploading an event that receives comments on the moments you want to eat Yeopteok and posts recommending that you receive comfort with Yeopteok when you are stressed and difficult.

Reporter Kim Hyun-joo [email protected]

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