Friday, April 16, 2021
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Moscow court sentenced ex-policemen to 11 years in prison for bribe of 17 million rubles

The Moscow City Court found the former head of the 12th department of the 4th operational-search unit of the economic security and anti-corruption department Yevgeny Kashmatov and the former deputy head of the 11th department of the “C” department of the main department of internal security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Ataeva. This was reported by RBC with reference to the information of the press service of the court.

It is clarified that the police received a bribe in the amount of 17 million rubles. from the representative of the company “EMK-Engineering”.

Both were sentenced to 11 years in a strict regime colony and fines of 100 million rubles each. for each. Also, they will not be able to hold public office for ten years.

We add, according to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, in the first two months of 2021, the number of corruption crimes in Russia increased by 11.8%. Moreover, almost half of them are associated with bribery. According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the number of corruption crimes increased from 6.3 thousand to 7.1 thousand, while 3.5 thousand are facts of bribery. Their number increased by 21.1% relative to January-February 2020.

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