Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Breaking News Mystery in the Red Sea: Who attacked the Iranian spy ship?

Mystery in the Red Sea: Who attacked the Iranian spy ship?

Youtube/Al Arabiya English

Iranian cargo ship MV Saviz

The Iranian cargo ship MV Saviz, which is believed to be the base of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and which has been anchored in the waters of the Red Sea near Yemen for years, has been mysteriously attacked, it was announced on state television today.

The ship MV Saviz has been the target of criticism from Saudi Arabia for years, while UN and Western experts claim that the ship is being used to gather intelligence and that the Houthi rebels in Yemen, close to Tehran, would be supplied with weapons, the AP reported.

Iranian authorities claim that the ship MV Saviz is in the function of fighting piracy in the Red Sea, state television quotes today’s article in the New York Times, which quotes an anonymous American official who claims that Israel warned the United States of a mysterious attack, which Israeli officials deny.

The Central Command of the American Armed Forces confirmed that it was aware of the attack on the Iranian ship, but it denies any American participation in that operation.

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The Saudi army has previously commented on photos taken by the AP, which show people in camouflage uniforms on the deck of the ship, as well as a large number of antennas that Riyadh authorities comment on as “unusual for a commercial truck”, suggesting that they were taken electronically from the ship. surveillance and espionage, which was confirmed by the Washington Institute for Middle East Policy, which MV Saviz called the “mother ship” in the region and the base for gathering intelligence.



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