Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Navalny’s condition worsens in Russian prison

The 44-year-old prominent critic of President Vladimir Putin launched a hunger strike last week.

A lawyer for the imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny says on Wednesday that his client’s health is deteriorating. Navalny loses a kilo a day during a hunger strike.

The 44-year-old prominent critic of President Vladimir Putin last week launched a hunger strike in protest of the conditions he is being offered in a prison center, where he is to serve a sentence of two and a half years in prison.

His lawyer, Vadim Kobsev, visited Navalny in the Vladimir region east of Moscow on Wednesday.

Kobsev says Navalny has serious back problems. He must have been diagnosed with complications in the spinal canal. His condition worsens with symptoms spreading to legs, arms and hands.

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In an Instagram message, Navalny writes that prison authorities tried to undermine his hunger strike by putting candy in his pockets and grilling a chicken close to him.

Navalny has been moved to a ward. He has complained of cough and fever.

He was denied access to speak to a doctor of his choice.

The human rights organization Amnesty International said on Wednesday that Navalny was being offered conditions that could be described as torture and that could slowly get rid of him.

Three of Navalny’s fellow prisoners have previously been taken to hospital due to tuberculosis.

Navalny’s lawyer, Olga Mikhailova, has previously told independent online media Dozhd that Navalny has lost 13 kilos since arriving at the prison camp.

Navalny was fatally poisoned in connection with a domestic flight in August 2020. He returned home in January after a lengthy treatment in a hospital in Germany.

On his return to Russia, he was arrested. According to Russian authorities, he has violated the rules of probation in connection with a conditional sentence he received back in 2014.

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