Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Technology New record for Action Comics # 1: sold for 3.25 million dollars

New record for Action Comics # 1: sold for 3.25 million dollars

Superman made its first appearance in Action Comics #1 in the far 1938, but on this story you can read an entire dedicated study. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created the character, which quickly became one of the most beloved superheroes in history. So, the first number of Action Comics it cost approx 10 cents. This week, however, a rare copy in excellent condition was auctioned for well 3.25 million dollars, breaking a new record.

According to a press release from the online auction house ComicConnect.com, the comic had initially been found by chance “Buried in a pile of old 1930s movie magazines” and it was immediately put up for sale. Since the first sale, the booklet has changed three buyers, but now it has been won by a buyer who preferred to remain anonymous and who, according to the press release, seems to be relatively new in comic book investments. The seller claimed to have had a profit of 1 million dollars after owning the aforementioned Superman comic for only three years.

Action Comics #1

This isn’t the first time a copy of Action Comics #1 enters history. Other numbers were sold for large sums, including one in 2014 which reached well $ 3.2 million on eBay. The value of this comic is practically unmatched in the world of collecting and this is because it is super rare as well as being a very important piece of history. About that, Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of ComicConnect, in the press release stated:

“This is an 83 year old comic in near pristine condition and is a sight to behold. Not to mention that this book has launched the superhero genre that is such an important part of our culture that it shouldn’t be underestimated. “

It is certainly not the version we told you about, but if you would like to read the stories told in this splendid comic you can buy the Kindle version on Amazon.

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