Saturday, April 10, 2021
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News early at 4.00 PM.

“Chuwit” Chaew “Thai Koo Fah Club” has Big, Khum Won, Minister of Foreign Affairs Unveils the timeline (click to watch the video)

Mr. Chuwit Kamolvisit, former politician Big press conference In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak From the Thonglor entertainment venue, there are many ministerial persons, politicians and businessmen who are now infected with the infection. “Crystal Club” compares like “Thai Khu Fah Club” because there are many national big people visiting each other. This is a place with pubs, bars and a VIP zone for special guests. With the owner is a famous military officer, abbreviated as A.

For going to a place like this Both professionals and guests to be able to Not wrong, but during the COVID-19 situation Spread like this When you’re not careful in the first place, you have to accept and dare to open up a real timeline. For society and people to see an example As for those with political positions There is no need to take responsibility by resigning because it is not illegal. Just should come out to apologize to the public. That caused the epidemic At the same time, it is believed that the outbreak of the Crystal Club cluster around this It is more likely to spread the infection than the case of a DJ. Because Custer this time outbreaks among the rich A country leader who has to meet a lot of people

Mr Chuvit also stated that he had important evidence as a photograph of the Minister’s vehicle registration. That entered the VIP car park in early April of the past Ready to open a clip of the atmosphere inside such entertainment venues that there are activities that are vulnerable to epidemic In the case of the government, there is a measure to provide entertainment facilities related to the COVID-19 epidemic. This time it was closed for 14 days. It was seen that this kind of entertainment venues were not just in Bangkok. Which saw that the state should have firm measures To control COVID-19 and limit what it should be. If it cannot be prevented, even if it is closed for 14 days and reopens it, it cannot control the situation of COVID as before.


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