Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Technology Nio ES6, the Chinese electric SUV challenges the Nurburgring circuit

Nio ES6, the Chinese electric SUV challenges the Nurburgring circuit

Last summer we witnessed the arrival of the Chinese vehicle on the Northern European market NIO ES6. Well, it would seem that the car has put itself to the test along the well-known – and definitely very demanding – Nurburgring circuit, the way to show its full potential. This is a challenge in which the Chinese company has participated several times, in fact even the electric supercar EP9 managed to set the record – later beaten by the VW ID.R – on the lap for zero-emission cars, right at the Nurburgring. Tornado to the NIO ES6 – after a decent result, while traveling the circuit -, it would seem that the vehicle has encountered some problems related to the brakes.

In fact, the same driver of the car stated that, halfway through the lap, thebrake system of the NIO ES6 has overheated. The cause of this hitch is to be attributed – apparently – to the electronic stability control. The different grip losses, which usually occur in extreme driving conditions, inevitably put a strain on the brake calipers, negatively affecting performance. It would also seem that a further problem was encountered while the NIO ES6 was making its lap on the Nurburgring circuit. The driver of the vehicle of the Chinese company, in fact, noticed an obvious one decrease in the power delivered by the car.

In this case, the heating of the battery and the excessive energy consumption meant that the control units entered into protection and consequently it was not possible to push the NIO to a speed higher than 150 km/h. No problems were found, however, at the level of the frame. Indeed, the driver himself seems to have stated the following:

Summing up, the set-up is really good, it makes you feel safe and in control even on a circuit like this, where there are obvious changes in slope.

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The vehicle of the Chinese car manufacturer started its lap on the circuit with a battery level of 58% (equal to 247 km of autonomy), at the end of the journey the battery was at 29% (124 km of remaining autonomy). Therefore, it would seem that the result was better than expected, despite the problems encountered.

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