Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Home Technology Nokia Mobile Care Delivery service, pick up and deliver the repair device...

Nokia Mobile Care Delivery service, pick up and deliver the repair device to your home

Open a new service Nokia Mobile Care Delivery Anywhere can be fixed. With free delivery service! Through the EMS of more than 1,200 Thai Post branches nationwide with Pick Up Service for onsite repair Complete service ends in one place through the channel NPK Call Center 02-005-0195 Get a plan to continue to enter the Thai market full of cylinders. After the launch of more than 20 phones, there are 17 smartphone models, targeting the Android smartphone market, from smartphone users and those looking for specialties. Such as cameras with high resolution equivalent to a professional camera Including those looking for a long-lasting and secure phone.

Free repair service! Via EMS of Thailand Post and Pick Up Service to receive a repair machine outside the said location This is a special service for Nokia phone users whose phone is still under warranty period. In the service area, Nokia phones sold by HMD Global have a 1 year warranty under the terms and conditions.

Recently released Nokia 1.4, a low-cost smartphone that supports the “pocket dang” app and various banking apps to make it easier to apply, transfer, top-up, pay. Among those using a feature phone with a keypad and wanting to switch to a smartphone

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However, HMD Global is still committed to developing and producing smartphones that are compliant with a wide range of applications. Meet a wide variety of applications With performance and durability at an affordable price.



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