Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Technology NVIDIA, CMP card smugglers stopped by Hong Kong customs

NVIDIA, CMP card smugglers stopped by Hong Kong customs

Apparently the graphics cards, especially the new line Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP) of NVIDIA, are also quite coveted objects by Chinese smugglers. TVB News has indeed reported that the Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong he recovered well 300 CMP 30HX graphics cards following an operation by the authorities.

Credit: TVB News Channel

It all started with the sighting of a suspicious fishing boat anchored just outside Hong Kong International Airport. The smugglers then loaded crates from the trawler onto a speedboat at 2am and, when their cover was blown, the men jumped onto the speedboat, headed for continental waters. After a high-speed boat chase, the gang still managed to escape, but the agents managed to detain the owner of the fishing boat.

Confiscated assets included exotic foods, such as sea cucumbers and shark fins, and technological products, such as smartphones and computer gadgets. Much to the surprise of the authorities, there were as many as 300 unidentified graphics cards inside the boxes. According to the report, the batch of technology products was evaluated 2 million Hong Kong dollars (approximately 216,000 euros).


The graphics cards lack branding or stickers that can provide a clue to their origins, but they come with a black and gray cooler with two fans. Given the absence of video outputs, these are undoubtedly products of the CMP line. The price of the items in NVIDIA’s CMP range remains a mystery, but CMP 30HX have been spotted in some markets with prices up to around 608 euros (at current exchange rates).

With an estimated Hash Rate on Ethereum up to 26MH / s, CMP 30HX doesn’t even offer exciting mining performance. However, the shortage of graphics cards is likely affecting large mining groups as well, and they will seize every opportunity to try to make a profit. Plus, a smuggled CMP 30HX certainly remains cheaper than buying directly from NVIDIA or one of its partners.

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