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Oh Se-hoon, who returned to the mayor of Seoul after 10 years, emphasizes redevelopment and reconstruction the most.

Candidate Se-hoon Oh returned to the mayor of Seoul after 10 years. Candidate Se-Hoon Oh, with a turnout rate of 12.29% in the Seoul Mayor’s by-election as of 11 p.m. on the 7th, won 330,000,7982 (56.46%) votes, far ahead of the Democratic Party candidate Park Young-seon, who was only 242,354 (40.48%). Has become.

After midnight on the 7th, Candidate Se-hoon Oh and his wife, Professor Hyun-ok Song, held a bouquet of flowers to celebrate the election. Candidate Oh took luck saying, “It is a moment to be happy at this moment, but I can’t control the strict sense of responsibility that weighs on myself.”

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Candidate Oh, who feels responsible in difficult situations due to Corona 19, said, “I will often visit those who must care, those who need to take care of, and those who are desperate, and take care of their issues first.” Worked. Now, when I work as mayor, I will work with a passionate heart.”

Candidate Oh also said, “(Park Won-soon incident) the victim may be the sons and daughters of all of us. He promised that I will take good care of it so that he can return to work with a really comfortable mind and be immersed in it.”

Sehun Oh’s Era of Success: Attorney → Member of Parliament → Mayor of Seoul

Candidate Se-hoon Oh, born in 1961, is 61 years old in Korea. After working as a lawyer, he was chosen by GNP President Lee Hoi-chang, and was elected after running for the Gangnam-gu district in Seoul in the 16th parliamentary election in 2000. At the time, he was 40 years old.

And six years later, Oh Se-hoon was elected mayor of Seoul, and he was re-elected in 2010. After running a successful road from a member of the National Assembly to the mayor of Seoul, he resigned from the post of mayor in 2011 through the so-called’free meal voting’. At the time, Mayor Oh Se-hoon objected to the claim that free meals should be provided to all regardless of income level, and submitted this to a referendum. However, the ballot box could not even be opened as the final referendum turnout was only 25.7%.

Unsuccessful, unsuccessful, and unsuccessful since 2016

Since then, his life has been a series of’disappearance’. In 2016, he ran for Jongno-gu, Seoul in the 20th National Assembly election, but fell to Candidate Se-gyun Jeong (currently Prime Minister). In the meantime, he also went to the elections for the representative of the Free Korea Party (now the power of the people) and fell.

Defeating Gyeong-won Na and Chul-Soo Ahn as candidates for the Mayor of Seoul

At the beginning of this year, few people predicted that Oh Se-hoon, who had been unsuccessful, would become a candidate for the Mayor of Seoul, the power of the people. The Seoul Mayor’s by-election was held suddenly in July of last year as Mayor Park Won-soon took his own life. As Mayor Park’s continued inappropriate behavior toward the female secretary became known, sympathy toward the Democratic Party was infested. In such an atmosphere, Candidate Se-Hoon Oh defeated the’popular theory’ Na Gyeong-won in the internal contest for the power of the people, and became the final candidate of the Mayor of the People’s Power on March 23 through unification with the National Party’s representative Ahn Chul-soo.

Sehun Oh’s No. 1 pledge is’Speed ​​Housing Supply’

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon is making’speed housing supply’ as the number one promise. The plan is to remove regulations that block the supply of housing in Seoul during the one-year term and expand the commercial area of ​​the’Bigangnam area’. It also suggested a specific goal of supplying more than 180,000 houses over five years through redevelopment and reconstruction.

The Yongsan redevelopment plan is one of them. Candidate Oh declared that he would make Yongsan another center of Seoul, emphasizing the “Seoul Large Group, New Seoul Plan”. During the election campaign, Candidate Oh was beaten by public opinion by blaming the cause of the’Yongsan disaster’ at the time by the violence of the democrats at the time. Some worry that the 2009 Yongsan disaster will be repeated.

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