Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World Online spiritual detox for women is definitely needed in 2021

Online spiritual detox for women is definitely needed in 2021

Last year and this year burdened everyone’s spiritual life, but perhaps even more so for women. Here’s your chance to discuss the problems at the Women’s World Summit 2021 online meeting with András Hajós or Kristóf Steiner.

The question may arise: What is the Women’s World Summit 2021 Spiritual Detox?

The answer is very simple! An exciting online summit where 25 special people, through the lives and experiences of 25 people, are helped to recharge during this stressful period, to provide sample solutions.

Women’s World Summit 2021 SPIRITUAL DETOX topics that participants and experts can talk about:

• The role of today’s Woman in the family

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• Health awareness, but how?

• Environmental awareness, but how?

• With or without a child?

• Causes and solutions to relationship pitfalls?

• Male-female roles in the past and today?

• Parenting methods in the past and today?

• Style and taste in the past and today?

• Patchwork family

• Training, education “without age”?

• Redesign

• World citizenship

Women World Summit 2021 LELKI-DETOX speakers

• Anni Pastor, fashion designer

• Éva Busch-Turcsányi Sipos, Associate Professor of Natural Sciences

• Gabriella Diaconescu, life improvement and sales consultant and expert for Women Only Magazine

• Dr. Tibor Darnói, Holistic Doctor, President of the Yotengrit Foundation, Ambassador of the Women’s World Peace Association

• Dr. Gergő Kiss, Three-time Olympic Champion Water Polo, World Champion, European Champion, World League and Euroleague winner

• dr. Emőke Kovács, Balaton researcher and historian, expert for Only Women Magazine

• dr. Zoltán Pompor, expert in children’s literature, teacher and his wife Dr. Virág Vas, biologist

• Dr. József Steier, Environmental Scientist

• dr. Klára Vámos Sinkó, Professor of Cambridge Business Design Academy

• Katalin Eszterhai, writer, journalist, editor and television producer living in Canada

• András Hajós, sociologist, singer, songwriter, humorist

• Ildikó Hegyi, kinesiologist

• Judit Joós, Certified Supervisor

• Magdolna A. Kovács, Founder of Only Women Magazine and Women’s Club, Women’s World, Dreamer of the Women’s World Summit 2021 Spiritual Detox Online Summit

• Kröell-Dullay Emőke, graphologist, journalist

• Attila Mester, author of the book MesTherapy, owner of the Apjafia blog

• Péter Müller Siamese, Hungarian poet, songwriter, singer, film director, cultural specialist.

• Irén Mónika Nagy, Joy trainer

• Erika Penyák, Self-Assessment Mentor

• József Sipos, Plant Doctor

• Kristóf Steiner, Journalist, Synchronic Dramaturg, Representative of International Vegan Cuisine

• Attila Szalay, dance teacher, dance teacher, founder of the Hungarian Dance Sports Association.

• Péter Takáts, M.Sc. mechanical engineer, representative of the Anthroposophical Society

• Ildikó V. Kulcsár, Writer, journalist, relationship mediator

• Natália Vicsápi, Awareness Mentor

Source: Women’s World Summit



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