Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World Orai.lt: warmer weather is already on the way

Orai.lt: warmer weather is already on the way

On Saturday night, the sky will be covered with dense clouds, there will be little clarity. In places, mostly on the northwest side of the country, it will rain briefly and sparingly. Southwest wind will remain strong, with gusts reaching 15 m / s in some places. The temperature will drop to 1-5 degrees.

On Saturday, the weather will be cloudy, with clear rain in most parts of the country, this time more rain on the southeast side of the country. In the first half of the day there will be a strong southwest, west wind, in some places the gusts will reach 15 m / s, later the wind will calm down a bit. Warmer weather will start to penetrate into the country, the temperature will rise to 6–11, in the southern areas in places 12–13 degrees.

A warm atmospheric front will slide across the country on Sunday night. Starting in the southern areas, the sky will be covered with dense clouds, it will rain a lot by morning. The temperature will not fall below 0-5 degrees in many places, only in the north-western areas will it cool down to 1-3 degrees at the beginning of the night. The wind will calm down and gradually turn from the east, southeast.

On Sunday, the atmospheric front will shrink, the heat flowing. It will rain for a short time only in places and only in the first half of the day. The clouds will gradually disperse, the sun will appear more and more often. The temperature rises to 13-18 degrees in the afternoon. The southeast wind will intensify after the day.

Cloudy weather will be predominant on Monday, the chance of rain at night will be low, and during the day the atmospheric front will approach, it will rain briefly and sparse in most parts of the country. Blowing strong southeast, south, west winds, southwest, west winds. At night it will cool to 3–8 degrees, during the day due to denser clouds the temperature will not rise above 12–17 degrees, and at the seaside wind blowing from the cool Baltic will warm to 9–11 degrees.

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On Tuesday, the low-activity atmospheric front should pass through our country, unfortunately, but the heat should also shrink. The weather will be cloudy and clear in many areas. At night the wind will blow from the west, northwest, during the day it will mostly blow from the north. It will cool down to 1–6 at night, warm to 5–10 during the day, and 11–13 degrees in some places in the south-east.



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