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Our nine wines from the supermarket for less than 11 euros to start April well

From everywhere, from all grapes, from all types of wines and for all tastes, as long as they meet the fundamental requirement of offering the best value for money. That is what guides us each month to taste numerous wines from different supermarkets that we can all find in a more or less close perimeter.

Our seven wines from the supermarket for less than 13 euros for this March

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And if not, they can always be ordered, with the rest of the purchase, for home delivery.

We go to the supermarkets, we choose those that we think will be good or that we have already tasted and liked, but we need to try again to make sure that the current vintage is recommended, we discard those that do not encourage us even to a second drink and We summarize here the basic characteristics of the chosen of the month.

Little red riding hood

Headline: A different and unexpectedly cheap red

Origin: Tempranillo and Syrah varieties from the Torre de Oria winery, in the DO Valencia.

Description: to be cheap and young, this wine is special because it ferments in wooden vats, which refines the must and turns it into a very easy and clean red, with a very subtle but smooth nose on the palate, fruity but with lightly toasted hints of the vats, very drinkable but not pretentious, of course.

Pairing: for a spring meal with friends, salads, pasta, rice, roast chicken, etc.

Graduation: 12,5% Vol.

Price: 1,65 euros.

Supermarket: Mercadona.

The Gall of the Clamor

Headline: A perfect red for a good snack

Origin: blend of cabernet sauvignon, tempranillo and merlot from the Raimat winery, in the DO Costers del Segre.

Description: a wine reminiscent of the wet land of the Mediterranean, with aromas of currant or blueberry and a flavor of wild red and black fruits, with hints of cocoa that persist on the palate with the freshness of tannins as an incentive.

Pairing: a good snack with cured cheeses, sausages, snails in sauce or llauna or pork.

Graduation: 13,5% Vol.

Price: between 4.80 euros and 5.76 euros.

Supermarkets: El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Condis, Eroski.

Aubelló Grand Selection 2017

Headline: A fantastic velvety and balsamic Montsant

Origin: black grenache, merlot and samsó, from Celler Capçanes, in the DO Montsant.

Description: a red wine with an intense cherry color, with complex aromas of ripe fruit, toasted and earthy herbs and spices due to its aging in barrels for 12 months; On the palate it is very balanced, velvety, with balsamic memories and blackberry jam and a very long and elegant finish.

Pairing: with cheeses, sausage, pasta or musaka and grilled meats.

Graduation: 14,5 % Vol.

Price: 6,49 euros.

Supermarket: Aldi.

Bardos Verdejo

Headline: A very fresh and well made white wine

Origin: Verdejo from the Bardos winery, in the DO Rueda

Description: It is a fruity and floral explosion that surprises greatly, although not so much if we take into account that it is from this winery in Castilla y León that always makes wines of a very pleasant value for money and to everyone’s taste, even for Those of us who tend to prefer Verdejos on lees or in barrels, because it has a fantastic freshness and the most balanced acidity.

Pairing: with any fish, great companion.

Graduation: 13% Vol.

Price: 6,49 euros.

Supermarket: Alcampo and Carrefour.

La Estacada Family Harvest 2016

Headline: A great red from a DO that needs to be explored further

Origin: syrah and merlot from Finca La Estacada, in the Uclés Designation of Origin, in Cuenca.

Description: an assembly of grapes from the winery grown at an altitude close to 900 meters with an aging of eight months in barrels that are noticeable in the sifting of tannins, which leaves the wine velvety, unctuous; It requires a long drink to fill your mouth more and enjoy a longer aftertaste if possible, since the flavor of Juanola and fruits remains for a long time. A deep wine with a lot of experience in the mouth.

Pairing: a good plate of asparagus with ham and enjoy.

Graduation: 14,5 % Vol.

Price: 7,90 euros.

Supermarkets: Carrefour.

Montsant Mineral 2018

Headline: A red that brings out all the minerality of the Sierra del Montsant

Origin: 80% Cariñena, 20% black grenache from Cara Nord Celler, from the DO Montsant.

Description: it is a wine that honors its main characteristic, which is minerality, although it is also fruity and a little spicy on the tip of the tongue. Thanks to this minerality, despite having been in the barrel for six months, it is light and fresh, but it still shows the power of the local wines.

Pairing: idyllic with a low-temperature roast of red meat with its confit potatoes in the oven.

Graduation: 14% Vol.

Price: 10,45 euros.

Supermarkets: Carrefour and El Corte Inglés.

Laus Rosé 2020

Headline: A wine that comes in and ends on its own

Origin: It is made with Syrah and Garnacha flower must by Bodegas Laus, in the DO Somontano.

Description: the assembly of both varieties gives off that salmon pink color and the intense, clean and fruity aromaticity of strawberry, red fruits and violets. In the mouth, it is fruity, like those strawberry jelly beans and violet candies that you buy to go to the movies; excessively easy to drink, refreshing and smooth on the palate, very tempting.

Pairing: with salads and pasta, or without anything, to drink with friends.

Graduation: 13% Vol.

Price: around 5 euros.

Supermarkets: El Corte Inglés and Carrefour.

La Zarcita 2018

Origin: Assembly of the Palacio Quemado winery, Wine from the Land of Extremadura.

Description: it is an assemblage of varieties well adapted to the terroir of the Palacio Quemado estate. This winery, which belongs to the Grandes Pagos de España group, does not exactly make a paid wine here but a very special red, aged between barrels and concrete tanks for months, almost carnivorous, with aromas of leather on the nose and also in the mouth. , thick, with pronounced tannin, with very good tears and very palatable.

Pairing: with all strong, tasty food, with good sauces or with roasts.

Graduation: 14% Vol.

Price: 10,90 euros.

Supermarkets: The English Court.

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