Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home World parents who left their child unattended can now be fined 700 euros

parents who left their child unattended can now be fined 700 euros

The Seimas submitted these amendments to the Seimas Commission on Human Rights and Public Affairs and, at its request, considered them in the first reading.

The bill separated the concept of negligence (nolaidība) and abandonment (pamešana novārtā). Negligence is negligence or superficial performance of childcare duties, while being left unattended is prolonged and systematic negligence that harms or may harm a child’s development or cause physical or psycho-emotional distress.

Parents can be punished with a fine of up to 700 euros or issued a warning for being left unattended.

Also, according to the new law, parents will be obliged to cooperate with social services using family support programs if violence or other violations in the relationship of the child are found in these families. If the parents refuse to cooperate, this is reported to the Orphan’s Court.

The Ombudsman proposed to introduce the term “abandonment” into the Child Protection Law in January Juris Jansons… On June 11, the Seimas adopted amendments to this law, and the definition of the concept of “negligence” and “negligence of parents” was excluded from it. They substantiated this by the fact that such a determination may lead to the fact that after any accident with the child, the parents or other responsible for the child may be subject to criminal punishment. The Ombudsman considered the exclusion of the definition of negligence from the law too hasty, but agreed that any accident that happened due to an oversight of parents should not be considered violence. In addition, in his opinion, all manifestations of non-fulfillment of parental duties cannot be considered violence. However, there are cases where parental failure goes beyond all boundaries and can be considered abuse.

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