Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Home World Personality Test: Which Is Your Favorite Nail Polish?

Personality Test: Which Is Your Favorite Nail Polish? – For many women, nail polish is one of the important cosmetics to enhance their appearance. Various colors, can make nails look even more beautiful. But not only that, your favorite nail polish color can turn out to be a personality test kit, you know.

Curious? Take the following personality test, choosing one of the several nail polish colors you like on the list below, as reported by Women Working.

1. Burgundy
Burgundy is a shade of color for many. It goes well with almost any outfit, and never makes you look old. If this is your choice, then you are someone who embraces every moment and opportunity wholeheartedly.

Every holiday will be celebrated as much as possible and you are someone who tries to always have a bright outlook on various things. Family is also more important to you than you may realize.

With many dreams and goals, you are directed to have an abundant life, both in love and financial stability. Even though stability and money are both important to you, you will never let that distance you from the person you love the most.

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2. Bright red
Red is a color that looks great in every season, and you know it. If you choose red, then you have some hidden traits and talents that not many people realize.

Even though you are sometimes soft-spoken, you are someone who knows exactly what you want. You are straightforward and have no trouble making decisions. You are also a smart and analytical person which makes you an excellent candidate for any career in business.

Even though you are not perfect, you still pay attention to organization and creativity. You may also look like someone who has everything, even though you don’t have it.

3. Black or dark blue
Dark, sexy and mysterious. While some girls may avoid black nail polish, there’s really nothing wrong with it. Black or dark blue nail polish works well for every look.

Even though you are not afraid to be different, sometimes you are a little worried about what other people think of you. However, you never let this fear influence you to be who you are.

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Your confidence looks really good. this makes you unable to be rejected by someone who passes you. You know, that being honest with yourself, this will take you to many places in life.



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