Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Pirates are trying to reach the older generation with the Seniors on Board project

Updates: 07.04.2021 13:13

Prague – Pirates are trying to reach the older generation. A project called Seniors on Board can help. It should involve people of retirement age in events in the regions, the fight against misinformation and the preparation of the election program. The project was presented at a press conference by the Deputy Chairwoman of the Pirate Party, Olga Richterová. According to election polls, Pirates appeal mainly to young voters. With increasing age, support decreases.

“The main purpose is intergenerational cooperation and bringing the program offer closer to everyone, including the elderly,” said party party chairwoman Olga Richterová.

According to her, the project started last autumn. It was created at the instigation of one of the seniors. Events in the regions are prepared by volunteers, led by an active person of retirement age. Part of the project is also the involvement of the elderly in the fight against false news on the Internet. There is a team that focuses on hoaxes and chain mails. Seniors are also in one of the teams involved in the preparation of the program of the Coalition of Pirates and Mayors and Independents (STAN) for the autumn parliamentary elections.

“The philosophy of the senior program is based on three general pillars and branches into eight topics,” said Senator Marek Hilšer from the Starostů Club, which collaborates on program points. According to Hilšer, the first pillar emphasizes the promotion of an active life, self-sufficiency and independence. The second concerns health care, its availability and prevention. The third part focuses on providing help to those who cannot do without it. It focuses on social services and support close to home. Richter will present the election program of the coalition of Pirates and STAN in June at the start of the sharp part of the campaign.

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