Saturday, April 10, 2021
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“Please pretend that you don’t know EXO Se-hoon Oh, the mayor of Seoul”: 5 facts you don’t know about Oh Se-hoon

Suddenly, the idol group’EXO’ Sehun is being summoned. 4.7 This is just after the election of Candidate Se-Hoon Oh’s Power of the People in the by-election of the mayor of Seoul. For what reason.

Oh Sehun. It is also the real name of EXO Sehun. Since he was a child, he was teased for being the same person as Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon at the time, and it is known that he was ridiculed with a joke saying, “I am a president,” whenever he does. On Twitter, various reactions poured out over this. Along with the Twitter reaction, we’ve gathered some facts you don’t know about Oh Se-hoon.

1. Bob Ahn-ju (who opposed free meals) Oh Se-hoon contributed to EXO Oh Se-hoon’s childhood hope,’President’.

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2. EXO Se-Hoon Oh is military unfilled: “Please pretend that Se-Hoon Oh, who has the same name, did not know what happened to this. Instead of military service…”

3. The late Mayor Park Won-soon’s contribution was great until Se-hoon Oh returned to the mayor of Seoul.

4. Oh Se-Hoon is the only one to answer the question about gender equality and women’s safety policy.

5. Se-Hoon Oh’s remarks that “the Yongsan disaster was attributable to the violent resistance of tenants” came out recently, not in the past.

6. Lastly, congratulations on the power of winning. However, it is not over until it is over.

Nayeon Kang: [email protected]



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