Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Police officer – people Queuing for COVID-19 inspection, crowded at the police hospital


08 April 2021 – 16:12

Police officer – people Queuing for COVID-19 inspection, crowded at police hospital

The reporter reported that There is a police officer Under the Office of the Police Service (NKK) and the Criminal Records Division, Police, and the police operating at risk areas came to contact to request a COVID-19 test at the hospital. A lot of police

After it was reported that there was a police officer who performed duties at the Royal Thai Police Infected with COVID-19 At the same time, there are some people at risk groups waiting to be tested for the infection as well, with those in the at-risk groups the staff will investigate the disease if it is actually at risk. Will not be charged for the COVID-19 test. As for the general public who are not at risk But wishing to come to the exam will have to pay a cost of 2,200 baht and if you want to know the result within 40 minutes, you have to pay another 400 baht.

According to observation, it was found that people who use the service are 100% wearing masks and registering to be examined according to procedures, while the police hospital has arranged a team of doctors and nurses to take care of each point according to the procedure. Especially the primary screening With a well-spaced seat arrangement Place body temperature measurement point With alcohol gel available to the public who come to be examined as well

However, it is reported that the Royal Thai Police Has sprayed disinfectant and cleaned the building (Office of the SEC) from floors 17-19 and has enlisted officers to detect COVID infection.

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Police - NACC queuing to check the COVID is tight. Police Hospital

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