Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Poll “Levada Center”: Russians named the main failures of Putin’s policy

Among the main achievements of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Russians name the increase in combat effectiveness and the reform of the armed forces. This follows from a survey by the Levada Center (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation).

In second place among Putin’s achievements is the solution of the Chechen problem. Rounding out the top three is the elimination of the threat of terrorism in the country.

In addition, the Russians were asked to name what can be regarded as Putin’s “defeat” in politics. Citizens of the Russian Federation believe that Putin failed to raise the standard of living of citizens, salaries and pensions. Also in the top 3 anti-rating of Putin’s failures in the presidency is the fight against corruption and “curbing” the oligarchs.

“To a minimum, positive assessments of the activities of the current president are shared, on the one hand, by young people, and on the other, by residents of depressed provinces (small towns, villages or social lower classes of large cities), respondents with low incomes, far from issues of current politics and great greatness. But the point is not only in the social conditionality of assessments, but also in the type of information received, or, more precisely, in the nature of information channels through which information about state policy is received, “the message on the Levada Center website says.

So, for example, the nature of economic development under Putin is viewed by viewers as a success, while telegram users are more likely to be a failure (45%), Putin’s protection of human rights and democracy is considered “unsuccessful” by only 4% of viewers and 15 17% of users of telegram channels, social networks, the Internet.

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Earlier it was reported that the level of confidence in Russian President Vladimir Putin over the past month decreased by a whole percentage – from 32% to 31%. In the same way – by the same 1% – the level of confidence in politician Alexei Navalny also decreased: in January he was trusted by as much as 5% (maximum since November 2017), and in March – 4%.



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