Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Sport Position Still Safe After Juventus Defeats Napoli, Andrea Pirlo Opened His Voice

Position Still Safe After Juventus Defeats Napoli, Andrea Pirlo Opened His Voice – Andrea Pirlo managed to save his fate as coach aka Juventus coach, after Bianconeri successfully beating Napoli with a score of 2-1 in the postponed match of the third week of the Italian League 2020/2021 which was held at Juventus Stadium, Turin, Thursday (8/4/2021) early morning WIB.

Before great match This was held last night, the Italian media were busy saying that Pirlo’s position as Juventus tactician was on the line.

Never mind defeat, a draw is said to be able to make Pirlo immediately kicked out of the coaching chair Bianconeri.

Fortunately, Juventus managed to win 2-1. Before the match, Juventus were in fourth place in the Italian League standings, with the same number of points as Napoli who were in fifth position.

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The victory also made Juventus move up to third in the standings with 59 points from 29 matches, one point ahead of Atalanta who fell to fourth.

Meanwhile, Napoli stuck in fifth place with a collection of 56 points.

At Juventus Stadium, it didn’t take long for Pirlo’s fleet to take the lead over Napoli. In the 13th minute, a bait from Federico Chiesa leads to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Calmly, the Portuguese superstar fired horizontally which tore the Napoli net which was guarded by goalkeeper Alex Meret.

Then in the 69th minute, Pirlo pulled out Alvaro Morata and Juan Cuadrado. Instead, he included Paulo Dybala and Weston McKennie.

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It took only four minutes for Dybala, who has been out injured for a long time, to prove his quality.

In the 73rd minute, the Argentine international striker succeeded in driving Juventus away. After receiving the bait Rodrigo Bentancur, calmly The jewel –Dybala’s nickname– conquered Meret.

Napoli’s only goal came from the penalty spot, namely via Lorenzo Insigne in the final minute of normal time.

After winning a relatively convincing victory over Napoli, and his position is believed to be still safe as coach Juve, Andrea Pirlo also opened his voice.

For Pirlo, this victory is indeed very massive. The 41-year-old coach considers his men to have the right spirit, which in the 2020/2021 season has often been lost to the Bianconeri.

Pirlo himself finally admitted that managing Juventus is a ‘very tough job’.

“This season is very, very difficult. I admit my job is far from ideal, far from perfect. The fact is that training a team as big as Juventus is indeed a very, very difficult job,” said Pirlo admitted, as published. football-italia, Thursday (8/4/2021).

“The victory over Napoli itself is massive. I am satisfied with the team’s performance. When you have this spirit, when you sacrifice yourself to protect your team-mates who are out of position, this is the result,” continued the former AC Milan mainstay midfielder, Juventus. and the Italian national team.

“Yes, and maybe that’s what we missed in other games earlier this season,” he added.

“I’m just sorry we didn’t make more counter-attacks, because we should have scored more goals against Napoli,” babbled Pirlo.

WellAgain, despite his tactical success this time around, the pressure on Pirlo is considerable, with reports suggesting that there are already names of coaches who will replace him.

“I know it’s a coach’s job before I take over (the job as Juventus coach), so I’m not unprepared. Having a positive COVID-19 case before the game and doubting to the end doesn’t help (our situation), but we have been in a situation this whole season, “said Pirlo.

In addition, Pirlo argues that losing important players, such as Dybala, has greatly affected Juventus’ poor performance lately.

“Losing a player like Dybala over a long period of time will obviously be a problem for any team. Others are doing well, but the more options to use, the better.” coach.



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