Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Premiere on TVR1: the police series BLOCHIN: AT THE BORDER OF THE LAW

From April 7, every Wednesday and Thursday, from 23.00, for five weeks, on TVR 1 you have a meeting with Blochin – an atypical detective, just like the series whose hero he is. Made in 2015 by German television ZDF, “Blochin” was created specifically to compete with the most successful American series in Germany: House of Cards, Homeland, True Detective.

That’s how an impossible detective with a lot of personal problems was born. Henry Blochin has a dark past. When he was 14 years old and living in the underworld of Berlin, he was shot and woke up at the morgue, not remembering anything about his life until then. He adopted the name of a football player and started a new life: he got married and joined the police. But the past has never ceased to haunt him.

At present, Inspector Blochin – with a difficult character – is going through a very bad period. The extremely explosive case he was working on was transferred to the Federal Criminal Police, an old friend is blackmailed, and the health of his wife, suffering from multiple sclerosis, is getting worse every day. All of this makes Blochin look like a time bomb that can explode at any moment. And the current case he has to deal with only makes things worse – because the murder of a drug dealer Blochin once knew triggers a complicated investigation, which involves him in a series of unforeseen and threatening events.

The series premiered at the Berlinale, after which the ZDF station made all the episodes available to the public online, even before broadcasting them on television. The success was a resounding one, which led to the creation of a separate feature film with Blochin, but also to the planning of a new season of the current series.


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Direction: Matthias Glasner

With: Jürgen Vogel, Thomas Heinze, Agnieszka Piwowarska, Christoph Letkowski, Maja Schöne



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