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Home Business “Preoccupy the new food substitute meat market in the future”

“Preoccupy the new food substitute meat market in the future”

Food industry, taking steps to advance one after another
In line with trends that emphasize health and environmental values
Demand for meat substitutes is on the rise
World market size is expected to be 6 billion yen within 2 years

“Realization of the texture, taste, and juice like real meat”
Use of soybean, wheat, fungus, insect protein, etc.
Independent R&D and product launch successively

Leading the way with Nongshim’s’Veggie Garden’ brand
Dongwon F&B, Beyond Beef Sandwich
Shinsegae Food introduces No Chicken Nuggets

Nongshim’s vegan food brand’Veggie Garden’

The tendency to consume value based on beliefs is increasing, and consumers are increasingly looking for alternative meats using vegetable ingredients instead of meat. The food industry, which is looking for a new future food after Corona 19, is in a hurry to develop and launch alternative meat-related products, and is preoccupying the food market.

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◆Continuous growth of the global alternative meat market

According to the food industry on the 8th, substitute meat refers to foods that taste similar to existing meats, such as beef, pork, and chicken, and can substitute for it.

The domestic alternative meat market is still not large at around 20 billion won as of 2019, but the growth of the global alternative meat market is evaluated to have high potential in the future.

According to Global Market Data, a market research firm, the size of the global alternative meat market is expected to grow from $4.74 billion in 2019 to $6 billion in 2023. By country, the U.S. has the largest market at USD 995 million (21.0%), followed by the United Kingdom (12.9%), China (6.0%), Germany (5.5%) and Japan (4.7%).

The reason why the alternative meat market has been steadily growing is that people are looking for meat substitutes for a variety of reasons. Even if you are not a vegetarian with strong convictions, consumption that values ​​health, environment, and food safety are increasing. In particular, problems such as a disruption in meat supply occurred during the corona 19 last year, and substitute meat became an opportunity to attract more attention as an alternative to existing meat.

The taste and shape of substitute meat is gradually getting closer to actual meat compared to existing soybean meat. Most of the currently released alternative meats are plant-based substitute meats made from proteins extracted from plants such as soybeans and wheat. In addition, there are fungal protein foods made from fungal proteins extracted from mushroom fungi, cultured meat made from stem cells from animals, insect protein foods made from proteins from edible insects, and seaweed protein foods made from seaweed such as spirulina.

◆Active research and development of substitute meat for food companies

Major food companies are releasing products using substitute meat one after another to dominate the domestic alternative meat market, which is still in its infancy. They are also directly engaged in research and development of alternative meats and are actively developing delicious and diverse alternative meats that can be easily accessed by general consumers.

At the beginning of this year, Nongshim Group announced that it will introduce a variety of products by introducing the vegan food brand’Veggie Garden’. Veggie Garden is a brand that combines convenience food with plant-based alternative meat manufacturing technology independently developed by Nongshim Research Institute and Taekyung Nongsan, a subsidiary of Nongshim Group. Nongshim plans to realize the taste, texture, and juice similar to actual meat by using the independently developed high-moisture substitute meat manufacturing technology (HMMA).

Pulmuone recently declared’a leading plant-oriented food company’, and started to start the vegetable protein and vegetable meat business in earnest. Pulmuone plans to introduce alternative meats and other food groups sequentially, centering on the PPM division, which is a department dedicated to plant protein. In particular, it plans to differentiate itself by developing Korean-style menus such as direct grilling in response to Western-style menus mainly focused on hamburger patties.

Dongwon F&B and Twosome Place’s substitute meat sandwich’Beyond Meat Panini’

Alternative meat products are also diversifying. Dongwon F&B is selling Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef, a plant-based substitute meat product of Beyond Meat, a start-up that is popular in the United States. Recently, in partnership with Twosome Place, they launched a sandwich using Beyond Beef,’Beyond Meat Panini’.

Shinsegae Food’s chicken substitute meat product’No Chicken Nugget’

‘No Chicken Nugget’, recently launched by Shinsegae Food’s No-Brand Burger, is the first chicken substitute meat product in Korea. It is made with Mycoprotin from the British substitute meat brand Quant. The tissue composition is as thin as a thread, so it is similar to chicken breast and has a similar texture when chewed. Along with this, Shinsegae Food is developing its own alternative meat and is expected to commercialize it soon.

The development of scented materials used in substitute meat is also underway. CJ CheilJedang recently developed a technology to mass-produce the functional amino acid’L-Cysteine’ using the microbial fermentation method, which is a non-electrolysis method, for the first time in the world, and released’Flavor Enrich Master C’. Cysteine ​​is a meat-flavored material and can be used in health functional foods, medicines, and alternative meats.

The biggest obstacle to the expansion of the alternative meat market in the future is higher prices compared to existing meats. There are many views that it remains to be seen whether consumption that values ​​value rather than price can be popularized. Although it is said to have a similar taste, it is still an unfamiliar taste compared to existing meats, which is also an obstacle.

Reporter Baek So-yong [email protected]

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