Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Technology produced the Ford F-Max broke the speed record on a frozen lake...

produced the Ford F-Max broke the speed record on a frozen lake in Turkey

Attracting attention with the awards it has won since its first time on the market, Ford F-Max is now setting a world record.

In the heavy commercial sector, F-Maz, the winner of the “2019 International Truck of the Year” (ITOY), developed from scratch by Ford Otosan engineers, has broken another ground. “Days of Speed ​​on the ice of Lake Baikal” organized by the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) and RAF (Russian Automobile Federation) on Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world since 2011 in Russia. Participating in the event, Ford Trucks broke the speed record with the Ford F-MAX driven by Russian women’s Rally Champion Ilona Nakutis.

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It may attract your attention

Ford F-Max earned a place in minds with its performance that exceeded expectations

F-MAX broke new ground in the heavy commercial vehicle segment by reaching a speed of 134 km / h on frozen Lake Baikal, and also performed a brake test. In the brake test performed at 80 km / h, the F-MAX achieved a braking distance of 169.45 meters on ice. Andrey Leontyev, the organizer of the event and 18-time champion of Russian motorsport, said:Ford Trucks F-MAX not only tried a new speed record, but also showed results that significantly exceeded our expectations. Hoping that this unique experience will be beneficial for Ford Trucks, we want to continue our cooperation.He expressed that the process was very enjoyable with his statements. Without further ado, let’s leave you alone with the images of the event.



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