Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Technology Professional and quality cable management

Professional and quality cable management

Information technology professionals are under increasing time pressure and operate increasingly complex systems. However, effective solutions can make many things easier.

With the new TX CableNet product, Rittal promotes the professional quality of network cables. Even large quantities of cables with a soft bending radius can be easily installed, and complete cable routing is achieved according to the “waterfall principle”. The pre-assembled open-frame design for Rittal accessories allows for quick assembly and easy maintenance. Rittal promises delivery within 24 hours for standard orders from stock.

IT systems managers need to be able to grow and expand interconnected networks extremely quickly. For components, speed and reliability are important for different needs: “At TX CableNet, we combine innovative cable management with professional quality requirements,” explains Luis Brücher, Head of IT Product Management at Rittal: , reliable interregional availability and fast delivery. ”

From the very beginning, the new TX CableNet was designed as a network stand and is designed for complete cable installation with quick installation. This also applies to large quantities of cables: easy insertion instead of demanding pulling. This is ensured by recesses with rounded edges on both sides and across the entire width of the roof. The external cable supports at the edges of the roof are easily removed, the entire cable harness is inserted and the supports are then securely fastened again. Thus, even large cable bundles slip off the roof and bend into the distributor with a soft radius. Thanks to the “waterfall principle”, the cable routing follows the best practice for copper cables and fiberglass optical cables. The open frame construction also allows the use of full depth when guiding the installation through the bottom.

Easy to insert instead of demanding pulling. This is ensured by recesses with rounded edges on both sides and across the entire width of the roof.

Fast and systematic selection and delivery

Rittal promises the same for TX CableNet: standard stock orders are delivered in 24 hours in Germany and in 48 hours elsewhere in Europe. Rittal system accessories and compatibility with the VX socket system and the comfort of AX access protection handles make the TX CableNet suitable for all common network requirements and installation locations.

Framework design for effective management

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The pre-assembled, free-standing frame design with the Rittal system grille and welded roof is an additional selling point, as it increases the speed of installation and removal as well as stability. The system components are quickly installed and fastened due to the profile with a continuous pattern with a 25 mm step and a numbered pattern of holes. The side panels are quickly installed and can also be removed quickly for easy maintenance.

At the start of sales, the product range consisted of eight versions. Housings with a width of 800 mm are available in heights of 2,000 mm (42 U) and 2,200 mm (47 U) and with a depth of 800 mm or 1,000 mm.

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