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Profile of Henny Mona, wife of Sandy Tumiwa, who Rio Reifan reported to the police – The profile of Henny Mona, Sandy Tumiwa’s wife is in the public spotlight after being reported to the police. The reporter was her ex-husband, Rio Reifan.

Actor who plays the soap opera Conjugation Naik Haji, Rio Reifan, reported his ex-wife Henny Mona and her new husband Sandy Tumiwa to Polda Metro Jaya on suspicion of an adultery case on Thursday (8/4/2021). According to Rio’s relatives, Henny married Sandy in a condition that he was not divorced from Rio.

In this case, Henny Mona and Sandy Tumiwa were accused of Articles 284 and 279 of the Criminal Code. Previously, Henny Mona said that he was officially divorced from Rio Reifan. Then, who is Henny Mona? The following is the full profile of Hennya Mona.

1. Married to Rio Reifan

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Henny and Rio had an affair since 2016 until finally they got married in 2018. Previously, Henny was married and had a child.

However, her second marriage ended and Henny married Rio a second time. Even so, both of them decided to divorce and are still in court proceedings.

Rio Reifan and wife, Henny Mona. [Instagram]
Rio Reifan and wife, Henny Mona. [Instagram]

2. Henny Mona’s career as a businessman

Henny Mona is a property entrepreneur, tour and travel agent, contractor, wedding organizer, interior designer, and MC. The woman who owns the full name of Henny Yuliyanah is listed as the owner of a property business named PT Yulia Ramadhan which is spread across Bekasi and its surroundings.

3. Singing Talent

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Not only as a businessman, Henny is also known to often share his hobby of singing on his personal Instagram account @hennymonayr. In fact, on several occasions, Henny was also seen in the recording studio preparing for his first single titled ‘Habis Sudah’ which was launched in October 2020.



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