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PSD puts heavy artillery on Vlad Voiculescu’s lies


Sorin Grindeanu criticized, on Thursday, on Antena3, the Minister of Health, Vlad Voiculescu, and stated that he is the weakest minister in charge of this very important ministry for Romania.

“It is obvious that it is an incredible setback to all the predecessors that Vlad Voiculescu had at the Ministry of Health. But, I think we need to look at this whole issue in a broader way. With the great technocratic government from 2015 to 2016 Vlad Voiculescu also came to the Ministry of Health for the first time, although he did not recommend anything at all. Moreover, after the local elections, at the Bucharest City Hall, he would have wanted to be deputy mayor. Now I see that although there are countless examples of obvious lack Mr. Voiculescu’s management, those in USR Plus are stubborn to hold on to Vlad Voiculescu. “The current government and these things, as a political opponent, could make me happy. But this is not the way to look at the issue,” Sorin Grindeanu said.

Asked if Vlad Voiculescu could be fired by Florin Cîțu, Grindeanu answered:

“It’s a coalition government, but the prime minister has the leverage to go to those famous coalition meetings that, if I’m not mistaken, are held every week, month, and to tell those who proposed him that no more. It also works for Mr. Cîțu, it also belongs to Mr. Barna and in the end you know that it also belongs to Mr. Orban as president of the main party in the governmental arc.

Because things can only be changed, from what I understand, according to the rules, by those who proposed that person. Yes, but the Government belongs to Romania, there are no slices. The Prime Minister is for all Romanians.

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Vlad Voiculescu, caught lying to Antena 3 reporters

The Minister of Health, Vlad Voiculescu, declared on Thursday that the Ministerial Order does not stipulate that the dead of COVID must be buried without clothes in bags, thus proving that he does not know what the document provides.

“If the people from the funeral home buried people without respecting the law, then they did their best,” Vlad Voiculescu said on Thursday, answering a question from the press.

Asked by journalists if he apologizes to the families of those who died of COVID and were buried without clothes, the minister said that he did not sign the order and that he does not write anywhere that those bodies cannot be dressed.

“First of all, I did not write the order and in the order I will change it does not say anywhere that they should be buried without clothes. It is a question-trap against a lie. Read in order, it does not say anywhere that people should be bury without clothes.

(…) The rule, if not observed somewhere, is due to a lack of basic common sense of the people.

(…) Those who did not obey the law, those who did not dress them. No one from the ministry has to apologize, but the one who does not respect the law “, said the head of Health.

Then, the Antena 3 reporter read to the head of Health from last year’s Ministerial Order, and Vlad Voiculescu said he would come back to him and read it.

In reality, order no. 570 of April 6, 2020 provides for this, but the Minister of Health will change it.

Vlad Voiculescu apologized after being caught lying: “I took the wrong information and insisted”

Vlad Voiculescu, the Minister of Health, apologized today, through a post on Facebook, after he was caught lying to Antena 3 reporters, live, during a press conference.

“I just had a meeting with the State Secretariat for cults and representatives of cults in Romania in which they discussed the access of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 to religious assistance and the modification of the burial protocol of deceased persons infected with SARS-CoV-2.

We agreed that during the hospitalization the patient hospitalized with COVID-19 can benefit, upon request, from religious assistance, according to the specifics of the cult of which he is a part, with the clergyman observing all the necessary sanitary measures.

Regarding the funeral ritual, the deceased person will be able to be dressed in clothes provided by the family / relatives, will benefit from the burial / cremation ritual of the cult to which he belongs. The burial / cremation rite will be performed with the coffin sealed in compliance with the will of the family and all the norms provided by law.

We also agreed at the meeting on compliance with the rules and additional safety measures proposed by the Ministry of Health.

PS Unfortunately, during the meeting I took a wrong information and insisted on it in the dialogue with reporters, for which I apologize. Indeed, as several reporters have reported, according to the old ministerial order, people who have died as a result of SARS-CoV-2 ‘infection are sanitized, but no cosmetic procedures are performed on them, nor are they dressed before to be put in the bag. ‘ It is a regulation from April 6, 2020 that I will not comment on but I will modify it today “, it is shown in the post of the Minister of Health.

Source: Antenna3



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