Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Public call from NASA: Ingenuity’s first flight to Mars

The first helicopter flight on Mars, which NASA has delayed, is scheduled near the end of April 11. The flight of the helicopter, which attracts attention with its feature of being the first unmanned vehicle to be flown outside the world, is eagerly awaited.

NASA also plans to quench the public’s curiosity with a series of events and ensure that everyone can witness the flight.

Visual: This image shows an astronaut on Mars viewed through the window of a spacecraft / NASA/JPL-Caltech


The live broadcast, which proves the first flight of the helicopter, is planned to start on April 12 with EDT around 03.30 on NASA TV, NASA application and the agency’s website.

Ingeniuty had landed on Mars’ Jezero crater on February 18, in conjunction with Perseverance. After the first flight, further flight trials are expected within 30 days by helicopter.

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During Ingeniuty’s flight activities, the Perseverance vehicle will also support by capturing images, collecting environmental data and carrying the station that enables the helicopter to connect with the team that controls Earth.

On the other hand, it is informed by NASA that the flight history may change in connection with the work of engineers. For this reason, it is stated that the activity program for the flight can be arranged accordingly if needed.


Virtual press conferences will be held before and after the first flight of the helicopter.

The meetings will include names such as NASA Administrator Thomas Zurbuchen and Ingenuity Project Manager MiMi Aung.

If the helicopter flies as planned on April 11, the analysis of the helicopter crew’s first flight data will be broadcast live on April 12.

Another press release is planned for April 12th. During press conferences and live broadcasts, questions can be asked using the #MarsHelicopter tag. On April 8, there will also be a chat show on YouTube and NASA TV with the Perseverance vehicle and the helicopter crews.



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