Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Quarter of travel jobs lost | NOW

In the travel sector, about a quarter of employees lost their jobs last year. Nine in ten companies with more than ten employees said goodbye to staff. This is evident from the labor market research presented Wednesday by Reiswerk, a partnership of the ANVR and trade unions FNV and CNV.

This is the first large-scale labor market research in the travel sector since the outbreak of the corona crisis. The bankruptcy of D-Reizen that was pronounced earlier this week has not been included in the investigation. If that were the case, it would be a decrease of one third.

As is also the case in other sectors, staff with a temporary contract and young people in particular were the victims of job losses in the past year. They mainly worked in the departments that provide travel advice and sell the trips. According to Reiswerk’s Esther Gathier, almost six in ten temporary contracts have not been renewed.

“We also see that especially young employees are affected: almost half of employees under the age of 25 lost their job.” Departments engaged in data analysis, legal affairs and price determination have lost few or no jobs.

Reiswerk states that the total of 23 percent of employees who lost their job in the travel world is still ‘not too bad’ thanks to the government support.

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