Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Questions to Franziska Tschinderle Hungarian Nation

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1 .: After Viktor Orbán, Matteo Salvini and Mateusz Morawiecki declared their “strong European and Atlantic commitment” as one person at their meeting in Budapest, on what basis did you yourself talk about a “Eurosceptic coalition” at the meeting?

2 .: When you yourself set out to formulate your political preconceptions disguised as questions, did you sit alone at your computer?

3 .: If you weren’t sitting alone there, which far-liberal, gender-loving NGO whispered “questions” in your ear?

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4 .: If you were sitting alone, why didn’t your comrades working to eradicate all European traditions and values ​​join you?

5: Do they even consider themselves unacceptable?

6 .: Who bought you for a pound, in whose political mercenary do you stand?

7 .: Are you perhaps completely voluntarily so transparently biased and stupid?

8 .: How do you view the increasingly extreme anti-Israelism, that is, anti-Semitism, of anarchists, neo-Marxists, the American BLM, and the entire Western New Left in general?

9 .: In Germany and France, Jews are beaten on the open streets on a daily basis, and attacks on Jewish religious and cultural institutions hit each other. A competent German minister recently asked Jews living in the country not to wear their religious symbols on the streets because they could not guarantee their safety.

Have you ever inquired with German and French MEPs about the growing and growing anti-Semitism in their country?

10 .: Roughly 99 percent of attacks on Jews are perpetrated by extremist Islamist migrants. Do you have an opinion on this?

11 .: Do you have your own opinion on anything?

12 .: Are you capable of anything other than belittling a self-defeating, stupid “liberal” little thing?

13 .: How about revealing that nothing is true of the expiring “Ibizan video” that ruined Heinz-Christian Strache, the former president of the FPÖ?

13 + 1 .: Heinz-Christian Strache also thoroughly played his part in the expiration and slander. How about this? I can also ask the question: Do you have a conscience?

Please respond quickly, because the cover is tight!

(Ui: If you can’t reach it or don’t know what to answer, we’re happy to see the answers from the Austrian Embassy in Budapest!)

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