Friday, April 16, 2021
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Raffi Ahmad opens up about the money disbursed for the Cilegon FC Rans – Indonesia’s top celebrity, Raffi Ahmad, spent a lot of money managing his football club, Rans Cilegon FC. This was revealed on The Sinathrya’s YouTube account which was uploaded recently.

“How much budget do you prepare in a year for the prime season?” Darius Sinathrya asked beginning.

Hearing that, Raffi Ahmad was speechless. He did not expect the ball business to spend quite a fantastic amount of money.

“Ah, if this budget is also I am surprised. It turns out that the ball is expensive too. I was counting this much, in my heart. But it was not easy. Because there is a cost to buy a club,” said Raffi Ahmad.

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(Left to Right) President of Rans Cilegon FC Rafi Ardian, Supervisory Board of Rans Cilegon FC Yudi Aprianto, President Director of Prestige Motorcars Rudy Salim, Artist and Chairman of Rans Cilegon FC Raffi Ahmad, Coach Bambang Nurdiansyah and Manager of Rans Cilegon FC Hamka Hamzah at the launch of the Rans team Cilegon FC in North Jakarta, Wednesday (31/3/2021). [ Winanto]
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“Well actually that’s him, everywhere, it’s not important financially, but planning is also important. Moderate players, I don’t have any motivation to defend. So I have to calculate all the projections,” he continued.

Darius Sinathrya again talked about how much money Raffi Ahmad spent.

“So how much is over Rp. 10 billion or under Rp. 10 billion in the first season?” said Darius Sinathrya.

Without thinking, Raffi Ahmad answered. He said the budget spent was more than that.

“With the team, that’s definitely more,” explained Raffi Ahmad.

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“It’s not alone,” added Nagita Slavina.



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