Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Reaction to the referee from the Super League team: The referee was on the stage!

The statement made included the following statements:

Let’s say from the beginning that we will say end without ado; We wanted to continue our rising graphic against BB Erzurumspor, but the referee of the match, Suat Arslanboğa, did not allow it.

With respect to the struggle of our opponent, we congratulate the Erzurumspor team in advance for their struggle and their desire to play good football.

In our league, the referees unfortunately continue to be spoken after the matches they affect the results. The most dangerous thing is that as the season approaches, this situation has been taken for granted by the referees and top institutions of football.

In our Erzurumspor match, there was a referee who wanted to play a role from all the players on the field, and the good fight of the two teams was overshadowed by his desire to be on the stage.

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Yes, Suat Arslanboğa was on the stage, and this referee, who used the adjective “experienced”, had mistakes in the camera footage.

Suat Arslanboğa, who wanted only himself to be watched and talked about, ignored VAR.

Arslanboğa was on the stage; Our footballer Sefa Yılmaz started the game as if he missed the VAR in the position where he stayed on the ground in the opponent’s penalty area and started a scandal.

Arslanboğa was on the stage again; Suat Arslanboğa, who made the calculation of 5 centimeters in the throws and warned the players many times, determined the fate of the match by turning a blind eye to a violation of about 25 meters.

Suat Arslanboğa allowed the opponent goalkeeper to use the offside with his assistant referee at the base of the corner flag from the middle of his half court. And he had another scandal.

After all, the cameras only showed Arslanboğa, on that stage, football was in his shadow.

Suat Arslanboğa determined the score of the match with the goal that resulted after this position.

Our opponent had a lot of complaints about the referees.

Of course, they hurt that they made a noise.

Clearing the mistakes made to a team through Gençlerbirliği and seeking compensation will harm the football of the country rather than Gençlerbirliği.

If we lose our sense of justice, if we stop trusting each other, we will all lose together.

This statement is not a search for advantage in our next matches, but a call for justice.

We want only equal and fair management, not compensation for what happened to us in the next matches.

The referee is not a center player because the referee’s job is not to play on the stage or to distribute the ball on the court; distributing justice in the game according to the rules, equidistant from both sides.



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