Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Home World Resume. Feliciano Barreiras Duarte cleared

Resume. Feliciano Barreiras Duarte cleared

Feliciano Barreiras Duarte was acquitted in the case that led to his resignation as PSD general secretary three years ago. The Public Prosecutor’s Office decided to close this case because there are no “indications that the document in question is materially or intellectually false and that the defendant, when invoking the quality of visiting scholar, acted knowing that this was not true”.

The case was not without controversy when Rui Rio came to the leadership of the party. The weekly SOL reported that Feliciano Barreiras Duarte never had the status of visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, despite mentioning it in several documents.

At the same time, the then deputy of the PSD found himself involved in a controversy related to subsistence allowances and travel expenses of Parliament for having given an address in Bombarral when he lived in Lisbon.

Barreiras Duarte did not resist the pressure and ended up resigning as PSD general secretary just a month after being elected. “As I always said, I did not commit any crime, nor did I falsify documents or my resume, as the Public Ministry now concludes, after two years of investigation,” he said this Tuesday. “I believed in justice and I had reasons for that, because justice was done”, adds the former ruler.

Barreiras Duarte considers, however, that “nothing erases the fact that my name was dragged in the mud in a hasty and clumsy way, with painful consequences for me and my family. I believe that this case, which has never been the case, as is now confirmed, should be a pretext for serious reflection for all political agents, journalists and commentators ”.

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Barreiras Duarte resigned on March 18, 2018. At that time, the then PSD deputy said that the controversies around him were “seriously” hitting his family. “I leave with a clear conscience; I never won anything, either with one or another situation; I took no advantage of the University of Berkely – neither financial, nor academic, nor professional, nor political; I did not look for any material or other benefit, on the contrary, with the question of address in the Parliament ”, affirmed, at that time, the Social Democrat.



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