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Retirement life “Banthoon Lamsam” dedicated “Nan Sandbox” to allow people and the forest to live together.

ศิรินภา นรินทร์ : เรื่อง
ธนศักดิ์ ธรรมบุตร : ภาพ

After resigning from the bank administration in April 2020, Banthoon Lamsam, known by many as “Khun Pan”, President Kittikhun. Kasikorn Bank Has devoted life after retirement to the project “Conserve Nan Pa” and “Nan Sandbox” project fully and live in Nan Province.

“Conservation of Nan Forest” is a royal initiative of the King. Department of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn “Nan Sandbox” is an experimental project that has been initiated several years earlier to recover part of the forest area that has been harvested by villagers from corn farming to forest areas. While still allowing the villagers to cook and eat together with the forest Which the person himself told me that “It’s a problem that makes my life meaningful.”

How does Banthoon Lamsam formulate the Nan Sandbox Project? To lead to the goals set “DLife – Prachachat Business” and Matichon affiliated media have an opportunity to join the conversation. Insights into ideas, approaches, and finding funding sources for developing future projects.

Causes of the Nan forest problem Homeless people to eat

Banthoon told about the beginning of the project to conserve forests in Nan province that Beginning with him, he traveled to Nan Province in 2009, which was not yet interested in it. Then have visited several times Until the charm of peace The cuteness of the people Until forming a bond And wrote a novel about “Sinha Mon Ta of Lanna” came out in 2013 to convey feelings about Nan Province. Through the perspective of past life

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Plus there is a current story about Phu Kryon Or bald mountains Being featured in online media In addition, the Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn said that he was worried that the forest area in Nan Province was greatly damaged Should have taken care of this problem. Banthoon therefore felt that he, as a person affiliated with Nan Province, had to study and find a solution to this problem. Therefore a project was born “Conservation of Nan Pa” came up in 2014.

Banthoon describes the geography of Nan Province, briefly saying that Nan is one of the most forested provinces in Thailand, 85% of the provincial area, or 6.4 million rai, is forest area. And is a first-class reserve forest with tall dense trees Is a forest in the watershed of the Nan River One of the four rivers that make up the Chao Phraya River, 40% of the water mass in Chao Phraya comes from the Nan River.

“Nan watershed forests and loss of Nan watersheds are complex problems. There are many dimensions involved in human life. Makes simple solutions impossible The first one is The land is not right People cannot have the right land to make a living. 85% of green spaces are legal and designated as a reserve forest. This law was issued 50-60 years ago. People wagging can do anything. If you really are based on the law, even your residence is wrong. When the law was passed in 1964, no one could imagine that one day human beings would have a problem. When the law was passed, people were already in the forest. “

“The place where he lived before, since the days of his great grandfather, a hundred years ago, the good day was declared a reserve forest. He really turned out to be illegal, he did not advance into the reserve. But the sanctuary has been declared to cover the communities where he lived before. “

“Nan Sandbox” with formula 72:18:10 for people to live with the forest

Villagers in Nan Province have always lived with the forest. Until capitalism came into existence, activities that led to eating, trading, money making, and growing corn because it was a marketable crop. But the problem in Nan province is that there are only 15% of the legal arable land and the rest is forest area. Therefore, there is deforestation to go into agriculture. Causing the reserve forest area to disappear 28% or 1.8 million rai (2016 data)

After doing the project to save the Nan forest for a while Banthoon and his team also came up with the Nan Sandbox project in 2018 with the figure 72:18:10 as the goal of the project. Then bring this matter to the Prime Minister. Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha for approval to solve the problem of watershed forests with this formula In collaboration with the National Land Policy Subcommittee (NTC) in allocating the correct area, which “correct” here is the correctness of the land use. And Thailand must regain the reserved forest area one step further

What is the number 72:18:10 that the Bandoon says is a halfway meeting between the state and the people?

Bandoon explains that If you zoom in on only 6.4 million rai of reserved forest area, now the rest is a green area – 72% of the forest with big trees and 28% of Phu Hua Khuan Because the villagers cleared the forest and planted corn

Nan Sandbox’s formula 72:18:10 is that 72% of the forest area must be preserved, 72% must not be penetrated, and 18% must be returned to forest areas. By planting large trees as specified by the Forest Service as protected forests And allowed villagers to grow plants that can grow under the shade of the big trees, while the other 10% can fully grow economic crops. But this area is still a protected forest by law. The use of this area should be able to grow constructive and profitable crops. Should not grow corn, a crop that takes up a lot of space. But give a little income

In addition, Banthoon proposed 3 ideas for solving the Nan watershed forest problems: 1. The government must understand why. Why did the situation get to this stage? 2. The government has the courage to experiment with different forms of management. 3. Everyone involved in this subject must learn quickly. To make limited areas available to yield high enough to sustain living and reduce deforestation.

“The goal of solving the Nan watershed forest problem is clearly documented 72:18:10 as a strategic goal. However, in order to reach that point, the problem of livelihood must be solved. Which is in the process of finding a suitable model to be used in the area of ​​Nan Province This will make the income of the people better than the past. If the public sector does not have enough income, it will have problems in preserving watershed forests. Or even the restoration of the watershed forest “

Banthoon Lamsam

Proceed with negotiations with the development of the city

“Someone came to give you advice, which is really good advice. His people are in trouble like this. Will talk about forest allocation He was frustrated. Therefore, during the way that you are looking for an exit To do something that makes him feel good, it will buy time to buy encouragement and cooperation. “ Banthoon revealed a suggestion that gave him good guidance in negotiating with the villagers.

The steps to help people are to take care of public health issues of 170 sub-district hospitals and 15 districts with insufficient budget. Including the preschool child center To help in the need By doing it through the Forest Conservation Foundation Which at present, various devices have gone down to the area

As for incentives used in negotiations Banthoon saw that he had to be motivated by money. Is to let the villagers know that If he modifies the crop to be a high value crop How much will he earn? How much more than before Which Nan Sandbox had to find out which plants should be chosen Now what I thought was a medicinal plant that was processed into medicine.

One of the things that made the housekeeper delighted to help here was the work of the public health workers who worked in the public service. Although receiving little compensation Including teachers who care for children in the preschool child center Who did not have any welfare to support the house, saw that on the other hand, these people were people at the margins of Thai society. Which the people in Bangkok could not see

Coming to work here is another problem that Banthoon has brought in the knowledge of the management of large organizations that have been accumulated. This is a busy job. Because having to contact a large number of people at all levels Whether at the national government level The local level of the province But if asked if this job is difficult, he replied that

“Every one is difficult by the nature of each job. This is also difficult when it comes to acquiring knowledge. Trade in wooded areas too And must learn to talk to be able to understand the same between the state and the people “

Prepare to raise money from the rich in the world.

The overall scheme of this project was several years and a lot of budget. In the past, in the early stages of receiving funding from Kasikornbank, Banthoon looked at finding foreign capital. Most of the countries that support forest preservation are not Thailand. The country that can support this budget is the United States.

“Each society is different. But there are a lot of Americans, Jeff Besos or Bill Gates, but Bill Gates, he is too heavy on children’s health. The people I heard he might be interested in are: Steve Jobs’ widow was a target for me to approach. Difficult to reach I have to find a way first. But he is interested in the environment “

After the COVID-19 epidemic has resolved, you can travel abroad. The chamber will travel to the United States. In order to reach the target to ask for funding But while still unable to travel The project has prepared a legal structure. Because those who donate, whether in Thailand or abroad, want to have a tax deduction. Which operations in Thailand are not very difficult But the overseas operation has his structure. Need to contact a foreign law firm This may be a complicated and expensive process.

Progress, success and future

Asked about the progress of the Bandoon Project, if measured by better understanding and relations between the state and the people, both sides have drawn in their knowledge to find a model of agriculture. Or making a living in the area of ​​Nan Province In order to improve people’s livelihoods Then the state and its people were able to restore forests.

When asked if Nan Sandbox model can be applied to other areas in Thailand that have similar problems or not.

President Emeritus Kasikorn Bank The person who dedicated his life after retirement to the Nan forest replied that “That’s what the government said when it approved. In the future, if the Nan Sandbox project is successful Can be applied in other areas But I think the one that will really be a sandbox is that the state and the people can work together, this will be a breakthrough. And understanding on a fair basis for all parties to be able to, such as 72:18:10, is a half-way meeting People have legal land to arable. Because if breaking the law The budget of the land came down to the villagers in the area. “

“People and the forest must already be together. Because many areas People already live in forested areas. But the key is that The forest area must be a forest with trees. Forests, there will be But still able to work in forested areas Plants may have to change. Monocultures may not be able to grow in forested areas, there are other plants being studied that can become agriculture for forested areas. “ This is the vision of a former bank executive who cares about forest conservation without neglecting people.

Read the original news: Retirement life “Banthoon Lamsam” dedicated “Nan Sandbox” to allow people and the forest to live together.



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