Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Home Breaking News Roxeanne Hazes and Monique Westenberg go out | Entertainment

Roxeanne Hazes and Monique Westenberg go out | Entertainment

“On the farm,” writes Monique with the photo showing herself, her son André, Roxeanne, her friend Erik and their son Fender can be seen. “Love you”, responds Rox under the photo. “Let them practice well for when we go later together on a farm living ”, the blonde also writes with a photo of the two youngsters.

It is thanks to Monique that Roxeanne and André embraced each other again last summer after five years of no contact. Since then, their children have also spent a lot of time together. Since then, Rox and Mo have also had a special bond. For example, they later dream of living together on a farm and Roxeanne once let it be known that they see Monique as a sister. “I get on incredibly well with Monique. She is not only a sister, but also a friend. That is just very nice. ”

The singer announced last month that his relationship with Monique is definitely over. At the time, he hinted at a possible relationship with the 25-year-old Sarah van Soelen, but stated that their contact was only friendly for the time being. On Tuesday evening, the singer added to the table Beau however reluctantly admits that he is ‘quite fond of that girl’.

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