Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World Schools have recorded 47 outbreaks since they reopened

Schools have recorded 47 outbreaks since they reopened

The educational establishments that have already opened (daycare centers, pre-school and 1st cycle) accounted for 47 outbreaks since the beginning of the deflation. The data were revealed on April 5 by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) to the newspaper “Público” and refer to the period before the Easter holidays (March 15th to 26th), in which only daycare centers, pre-school and primary schools had resumed on-site teaching. This week the students of the 2nd and 3rd teaching cycles also returned to classes.

Currently, only 45% of the school population has face-to-face classes. Compared to January, when all students attended educational establishments, there are less 31 outbreaks – which corresponds to a decrease of 40%. The 47 outbreaks correspond to 422 cases of covid-19, which gives a average of nine people per outbreak. In January, before the second confinement, there were 78 outbreaks that resulted in 610 cases – an average of eight people per outbreak.

“If the average is nine infected, it means that there are outbreaks with two or three people, which it is not significant from the point of view of public health ”, analyzes infectious disease António Silva Graça.

The specialist clarifies that the youngest educational establishments were “practically the only sector in which there were changes”, considering the value disclosed by DGS “not alarming”. The expert points out that this increase happens at a time when schools have been mass tested and this could “reduce the risk in the school context”.

The data “seems to corroborate that there is a significant proliferation of infections”Between the ages that returned to face-to-face classes, points out the mathematician and researcher at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Carlos Antunes.

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As early as Tuesday, the Prime Minister’s speech indicated an increase in outbreaks in schools. António Costa compared the situation of the 1st period in which “when a contaminated child was detected”, the contact tests did not identify “practically no more cases”. “Today, when there is a suspicious case, when testing, there are already several cases of transmission.” The Prime Minister associated the scenario to the dominance of British influenza.



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