Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home World Selling Cars, Caption Jessica Iskandar Ambiguous: Promotion of the Model or Car

Selling Cars, Caption Jessica Iskandar Ambiguous: Promotion of the Model or Car – Jessica Iskandar made netizens laugh at her actions when promoting a car that was being sold. While uploading a photo of her posing next to the car, the woman who is familiarly called Jedar wrote a caption for the description of the car.

However, the way he promoted it was even ambiguous, because at first he even mentioned a widow with one child.

“A widow with a child. Complete, automatic documents, body still smooth, well maintained, original machine, free from flooding and collisions. Checking your subscription official workshop is very acceptable. For cash information and trade-in directly contact. #Lol #jakarta,” wrote Jedar, Monday (5/4/2021).

Netizens laugh because it seems like Jessica Iskandar is promoting herself. Moreover, her status is indeed a widow with one child.

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Jessica Iskandar. (Instagram/@inijedar)
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“This is a car promotion or model,” said the netizen. “The car or the person being promoted?” other netizens are curious.

“The caption is ambiguous,” said the netizen accompanied by a laugh emoji.

“The caption (laughing emoji. Good luck, strong woman, stay safe and always be successful,” another comment.

As is known, Jessica Iskandar now often writes humorous captions in every Instagram post.

This was done by Jedar after he lived in Bali after failing to marry Richard Kyle. Not only to treat her hurt, she is also recovering from her illness so far.

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