Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Business Seojeon Tech, a must-have item for '3-floor circular plate'

Seojeon Tech, a must-have item for ‘3-floor circular plate’

Popularity and event progress with patented technology applied three-floor circular fire plate and charcoal leaf fire plate

Seojeon Tech Co., Ltd. is gaining popularity with customers with its patented ‘3-floor circular fire plate’ and ‘3-floor charcoal fire plate’. In particular, meat enthusiasts are already attracting attention to the extent that word of mouth is a must-have item for a three-floor circular fire plate.

Seojeon Tech Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in producing kitchen equipment, such as casting pressure cookers and casting pots, and a triple-floor casting pan with a built-in charcoal plate, a tornado-bottom pot with the highest thermal efficiency, a triple-floor fire plate with a charcoal plate, It creates products with excellent performance by applying systematic technology such as patented direct fired ovens.

In this’three-floor circular fire plate’, the company’s patented heat dissipation plate is attached to the floor of the fire plate, spreading strong heat that reaches the center of the fire plate, so that the meat is grilled evenly throughout. This way, while maintaining the proper temperature on its own, the meat is grilled to alive and juicy while the meat is golden. In addition, the process of dispersing high heat in the center of the fire plate solved the shortcomings of Teflon coating, which is sensitive to high heat, and extended the life of the coating by more than 30%, bringing economic advantages.

In addition, it has established itself as a burnt plate that can be easily stored among the owners of meat restaurants who have to manage a large number of grilled plates. This proves the advantage that the coating surface is not damaged by installing a step on the outside of the fire plate to prevent damage by colliding with each other when the fire plates are placed in layers.

Following this, the charcoal charcoal fire plate is the world’s first triple-floor fire plate with a ceramic plate embedded in it, and it has the advantage of not only burning meat but also having a long coating life with a triple-floor applied with a patented technology. The far-infrared rays radiated during heating save meat juice, and when comparing the two with a regular firepan with an actual thermal imaging camera, the general firepan showed high heat only where the gas fire was heated, but the whole floor of the charcoal firepan had a constant temperature. .

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In addition, Seojeon Tech Co., Ltd. planned an event to exchange the used plates with 100% new products as a sign of gratitude thanks to the popularity of these customers. All of the currently used plates that need recoating can be exchanged regardless of whether they are made by other companies.

On the other hand, you can check the website for more details on Seojeon Tech’s ‘3-floor circular fire plate’ and ‘3-floor charcoal fire plate’, and related events.

Reporter Kim Jung-hwan [email protected]

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