Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Technology Shocking prices in 50% discounts on eBay car and motorcycle products!

Shocking prices in 50% discounts on eBay car and motorcycle products!

After having proposed what were the main offers of the morning of eBay, we now inform you that some are also available on the portal offers dedicated to car and motorcycle enthusiasts, with promotions that will offer you the opportunity to equip your vehicles with new accessories or with solutions that can rejuvenate your two or four-wheeled vehicles.

There are several proposals, ranging from lighting or tuning kits of various kinds, to items that are decidedly less “refined” but still surprising from an aesthetic point of view, as is the case with these stickers for alloy wheels in green color, able to give your car a new look, as well as additional protection when you approach a curb.

At the cost of only 12,90€, the kit will allow you to upgrade all four wheels, making the car’s aesthetics much more aggressive. The installation takes place in a short time and it will not be necessary to resort to the help of experts, since the adhesive is already pre-installed, leaving you only the task of cutting the right size and gluing it. The build quality of these stickers for alloy wheels will ensure that they will last a long time, even during the heaviest weather conditions to which the cars are subject.

Obviously, this was just an example of what you will find in this eBay promotion, and that’s why our advice is to take a look at the official page in order to evaluate all the offers available. That said, our invitation to subscribe to ours remains valid four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where we will offer you in real time all the best promotions related to Offers, Hardware & Tech, Apparel and Sports and Chinese products. Happy shopping!

Our product selection

  • Green color alloy wheel stickers | 12,90€
  • Frozen approved baby lift | 19,99€ (24,99€)
  • Disney approved child car seat | 49,99€ (62,49€)
  • 10 canbus LEDs for license plate and location | 24,90€
  • Pair of LED reversing lights for Alfa Romeo Giulietta | 49,90€
  • Rubber spoiler for Fiat Freemont and Grande Punto | 18,90€
  • Waterproof motorcycle cover | 22,90€
  • Tool trolley with wheels for workshop | 149,00€
  • Electric suction pump kit for oil, diesel and diesel change | 17,49€

Offers still available

  • Fujifilm XF10 Compact Camera | 339,00€ (599,00€)
  • Givova Revolution men’s sports suit – different sizes and colors | 19,99€ (49,99€)
  • Braun HairClipper HC 5050 | 38,99€ (59,99€)
  • Outsunny 4-piece garden furniture set | 399,40€ (749,99€)
  • Makita HP457DWE Drill Driver | 144,90€ (200,00€)
  • Morellato Essenza women’s ring | 19,99€ (69,99€)
  • Kappa Quantum men’s shoes – various sizes and colors | 16,90€ (49,90€)
  • Action Camera GoPro Hero8 | 339,99€ (379,99€)
  • Breil watch Eight TW1700 – woman | 59,90€ (149,00€)
  • 3-seater rocking chair in iron | 99,66€ (125,00€)
  • Robot lawnmower house | 85,95€ (143,95€)
  • Xiaomi Essential 250W electric scooter | 269,99€ (299,99€)

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