Friday, April 23, 2021
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Home World SIG Collaborates with BNI to Provide Financing for Distributors

SIG Collaborates with BNI to Provide Financing for Distributors – PT Semen Indonesia (Persero / SIG) Tbk and PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero / BNI) Tbk signed a Digital Value Chain Solution Cooperation Agreement for SIG Partner Distributor Financing.

The signing was carried out by the Managing Director of SIG, Hendi Prio Santoso and the President Director of BNI, Royke Tumilaar in Jakarta.

The Digital Value Chain Solution is a solution that utilizes digital banking services in the form of financing facilities provided to SIG partner distributors to support the smooth distribution of cement, cement derivative products and other building materials.

Hendi said that economic conditions were quite challenging during the pandemic, requiring the Company to optimize working capital through cash management by accelerating the cash conversion cycle, both on the side of the Company and SIG Partners.

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One of them is through host to host digital solutions for financing SIG Partner Distributors at competitive rates and light collateral solutions.

“Other advantages include transparency of document and cash flow, in real time, more flexible disbursement process, ease of reconciliation and administration of billing documents, paperless, and safe,” said Hendi, in his press statement, Wednesday (7/4/2021). .

Hendi added, to meet the domestic sales target in 2021 and the plan to launch cement derivative products and other building materials in Q2 / 2021, the potential for funding for SIG Partner Distributors is still quite large.

Meanwhile, Royke said, this cooperation is expected to strengthen the relationship between BNI and SIG, especially in the small and medium business segment.

One of them, BNI provides a Distributor Financing scheme for the purchase of cement products and other building materials that can be used by SIG Partners. This step can support the business and empowerment of SME Partners of SIG.

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“With the management of distributors and the SIG business being updated, BNI comes with digital solutions and financing to SIG Partners through special schemes, at competitive rates,” he said.



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