Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Technology Slack says email is an archaic and ineffective communication tool at work

Slack says email is an archaic and ineffective communication tool at work

Slack has published a study in which it surveyed 3,000 people who work remotely. It turned out that the majority (40%) are ready to abandon email in favor of collaboration services (Slack, Teams, etc.). TechRadar writes about this with reference to the company’s report.

As it turns out, the key issue with email use is the time it takes to manage it. Research has shown that using collaboration tools can save up to 81 minutes per day, or 6.8 hours per work week. In addition, users claim that it allows them to build closer relationships with colleagues and develop healthier relationships with their superiors.

Apparently, collaboration tools have become one of the hubs for working communication. Most of the respondents (78%) claim that they will continue to use them after the resumption of normal operating conditions.

“While email remains the standard communication option in some traditional businesses, the pandemic has demonstrated the truth about email. It is an archaic and ineffective communication tool in the workplace. “– said the head of the British branch of Slack Stuart Templeton (Stuart Templeton).

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For the year (from April 7, 2020), the value of Slack shares has grown by 76%, and the capitalization has exceeded $ 24 billion. The exact number of users of the service is unknown, but in January 2019, the audience crossed the 10 million mark.

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