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[Snacking Zone] Fun with Star in all shapes and all tastes

And with play and taste, and for children, and for parents, and at home and abroad and popcorn and puffs and unique mixes. Star it means those family moments, with laughter, laughter and fun, good to keep in the album with memories. It is not only a snack break, but also a reason to be together, to leave the various individual activities and to spend a moment of connection in the family. And now, the Star bags also come with tailor-made prizes. The brand launched the campaign “With Star you can win fun in any form!”, where you can win prizes per hour or the grand prize at the end of the campaign worth 50,000 lei. With such prizes, family fun plans can be much more diverse and unique.

Moments of connection in the family

For 21 years on the Romanian market, Star has made a tradition of bringing the family together and celebrating the usual moments with delicious flavors. Children, parents, teenagers and grandparents, whether they get together for stories, family movie nights or play and fun, Star turns such encounters into memorable experiences. The campaign “With Star you can have fun in any form!” celebrate such moments with tailor-made prizes.

“Known by almost 80% of consumers of salty snacks in Romania, STAR is the brand that brings the family together and challenges you to fun whether we are talking about movies, play moments or memorable experiences. Through this campaign we wanted to bring to the attention of consumers the variety of flavors and good taste offered by the STAR range, but also prizes for fun in any form. So now you have a double reason to buy a bag of snacks, popcorn or fluff, enjoy a fun time with your loved ones and you have the chance to win a prize. ”, said Alina Nedea, Brand Manager STAR Romania.

How can you win? Very simple: Enter the promo code on the packages marked with promo tape and / or promo code on www.lumeastar.ro and you can win prizes per hour (500 lei / hour) or the grand prize at the end of the campaign worth 50,000 lei.

„ÎLately, many of us have stayed with our families longer than usual. Puzzles, series and evenings in Macau – we were always looking for new fun ways to spend our time. That’s why, together with our friends from PepsiCo, we thought of offering our consumers new opportunities for family fun. How many board games can you buy for 50,000 lei? We will definitely find out from the lucky winner. Huge thanks to the PepsiCo and OMD teams for putting their passion and dedication into this project as well! ”, stated Iarina Comănescu, Copywriter Friends TBWA Bucharest.

Not a moment of boredom

The pleasure of snacking depends not only on the flavor, but also on the shape and texture. Star means diversity: bags of full snacks, variety of playful shapes and flavors, at affordable prices.

Star has 4 sub-games, suitable for every member of the family and ready to satisfy any taste: Star fluff, loved by all ages, Star Mix – Snacks of different shape and taste, a formidable trio in each bag, Star Krax who speaks the language of teenagers and Star Popcorn, which are not missing from the family movies.

The most important Star innovation in recent years is the Star Mix range, unique product on the market, being the only range that offers a mix of pellets and extrudates (puffs) in the same bag, each with different flavor and shape.

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Star has a history of 21 years on the Romanian market, and the evolution of the brand has involved innovation and diversity, but also the creation of a unitary image at the packaging level. Through its campaigns and products, Star is part of the family and does not miss the fun moments that turn into memories.


Eliza Calciu Șerban – East Balkans Marketing Manager Snacks
Gabriela Ionescu – Group Brand Manager Core Business Snacks
Alina Nedea – STAR Brand Manager
Ancuta Elena Gâscă – Jr. Brand Manager STAR
Vlad Vladescu – Digital & Media Manager Snacks

Friends TBWA Bucharest
Creative Director: Predu [Adrian Preda]
Head of Art: Paul Nedelcu
Art Directors: Fesus Barna
Designer: Daniel Gusu
Copywriters: Vlad Belcin, Iarina Comănescu
Strategy: Adriana Vasile
Head of Digital: You are Andrei
Digital Account Manager: Andra Nicolescu
Social Media Managers: Georgiana Hluscu, Miruna Ene
Account Director: Anca Bădescu
Junior Account Manager: Cristina Olaru

Creative Director: Oana (Cristea) Știrbu
Head of Art: Raluca Săndulescu
Art Directors: Ana Leuștean, Valentina Datcu
Copywriter: Catalin Știrbu
Account Manager: Florina Aidoiu, Dana Laioș

Carmen Privache – Media Director
Alex Zamfir – Media Manager
Mihnea Pretorian – Digital Director
Dana Constantin – Digital Manager
Gabriela Grosu – Media Manager



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