Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Songkhla cattle solve the lack of pork knot – slaughter Phatthalung and deliver the carcasses.

Songkhla Livestock The Southern Pig Farmers Association has to control the movement of pigs across the area. Prevent the epidemic from expanding to a wider audience. Revealed if Songkhla had insufficient standard slaughterhouses To slaughter at Phatthalung Then send carcass pigs to sell instead of live pigs

As of March 31, 2021, the Southern Pig Farmers Trade Association made a letter to Mr. Jaruwat. Clean up the governor of Songkhla. I would like to meet to discuss solutions to solve the problem of pig shortages in Songkhla Province.

Due to the outbreak of PRRS disease in the southern area since Phatthalung Province Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani and Phuket made those provinces designated as PRRS surveillance areas.

As a result, it is more difficult to move pigs across provincial areas. In this case, a permit for the transfer of animals must be issued by the livestock guardian, the results of the pig blood test must be attached to the source disease first. And the receiving destination must be a standard slaughterhouse

The destination province can therefore accept the movement. As a result, Phatthalung Province, which has the largest pig farming in the South and the fourth in the country, is unable to move the pigs to sell in other provinces easily. While Songkhla has only one pig slaughter house that meets the standards of the Department of Livestock Development.

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Causing a shortage of pork for consumption From the normal period, the economy is good, consuming at least 1,000 birds per day, but currently there is a situation of COVID-19 And has not yet opened the country Songkhla has only about 500-600 pigs sold per day.

Mr. Pricha Kitthavorn, President of the Southern Pig Farmers Association revealed “Prachachat Business” that on April 2, 2021, the Southern Pig Farmers Trade Association. And representatives of entrepreneurs of 20 people met Mr. Roongroj and Sub, director of the Damrongtham Center, Songkhla Province.

And Mr. Kitikorn Jenpaiboon, Songkhla Province Livestock Vet Presided over the hearing problem of pig farming and pig shortage in Songkhla Province at Songkhla Provincial Livestock Office, Khao Rup Chang Sub-district, Mueang Songkhla District, Songkhla Province

In this regard, Songkhla Province livestock acknowledged the problem. And informed that at the moment it is necessary to obtain cooperation from operators in the area to strictly abide by regulations So that Songkhla Province is an area free from epidemics

As for the solution, if standardized pig slaughterhouses in Songkhla Province are insufficient, use standard-certified pig slaughterhouses in Phatthalung province and export them as pigs. Go to sell instead

The Damrongtham Center, Songkhla Province Ready to be a channel to receive complaints. And ready to coordinate the relevant departments for acknowledgment To consider taking action to resolve the problem of grief for farmers according to their powers and duties And suitability to the next situation

“Songkhla Province would take 2-3 months if the swine epidemic situation was resolved. And go to normal, there will be relaxation, unlocking various measures for “

Mr. Preecha continued that There are currently two intensive measures for exporting to Songkhla province: 1. Blood test must be performed for pig disease at the source before moving the pigs away. 2. The receiving destination must have a standardized slaughterhouse only.

“As for the price of pigs in front of the farm, it is now 80 baht / kg.”

Ms. Samorn Inphakdee, Manager of Phatthalung Farmers Cooperative, revealed that pig farming and pig trade in Phatthalung Province Continued from the intensive measures to control the epidemic of the government. And the pig trade of farmers must walk together so that both sides can live together

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