Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Spanish Vox rally has escalated into violence, dozens injured – World – News

At least 35 people, including police, were injured in skirmishes that erupted Wednesday night at a far-right rally in the far-right Vox party in Madrid. The AFP agency informed about it on Thursday, referring to the local authorities.

Vox supporters gathered Wednesday night to launch a campaign ahead of the upcoming regional elections in Madrid’s Vallecas, where left-wing parties usually win, the AFP writes.

However, the party’s meeting disrupted the arrival of about 2,000 anti-fascist demonstrators, who began singing anti-fascist slogans and throwing stones and other objects at police officers. The police tried to drive them away with batons.

Police said they arrested four people, including three minors. She also added that 21 police officers were injured during the violence, but none of them seriously. The rescue service later informed on Twitter that rescuers treated another 14 people with bruises and cuts.

Vox chairman Santiago Abascal, who led the election rally, accused the Spanish left-wing government of exacerbating the situation. He added that the police had failed to suppress “intimidation”, in which the participants of the assembly were “closely attacked and insulted”.

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The leader of the coalition far-left Podemos (We Can) Pablo Iglesias has again accused the leader of the Vox party on Twitter of taking part in the violence himself. Abascal denied the allegations and called Iglesias a “pathological liar.”

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