Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Home Breaking News Special commuter cards for homeworkers may be on the way

Special commuter cards for homeworkers may be on the way

Homeworkers do not need a commuter card for a five-day train journey. Now the government will look at solution.

Home work has filled a lot for Danish employees and companies in the past year. For some it has been a nuisance, while others have benefited from the flexibility without costing the productivity of the business.

Now the government will look into the possibility of helping more people to continue their homework on the other side of the corona. This is stated in the government’s proposal for an infrastructure plan, which will be presented on Thursday.

Here, the government proposes to look at “flexible commuter products” for Danes who work at home. It could, for example, be train tickets for Danes who do not work five days a week at their physical workplace, but may work from home three days a week.

In addition to helping individual homeworkers and their workplace, it will have a beneficial effect on congestion, the government expects.

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– Home work means that the individual employee saves transport time. It can have positive effects on congestion, making it easier for those who have to physically show up for work.

At the same time, less congestion and fewer days in the office can make it more attractive to settle further away from the workplace and can thus help to support settlement outside the larger cities, the proposal states.

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